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Hound Puppy Possibly Scared of bedroom

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    Hound Puppy Possibly Scared of bedroom

    I need some advice. During housetraining, if he had an accident, my puppy would get scolded, nose rubbed in the mess, and a pop on the snout. Since then he pees whenever I try to get him into my room to either get in his crate (when im leaving) or into my bed to sleep. I was wondering if he may be afraid of my bedroom since thats normally where he gets scolded if he pees on my bed, however he isnt afraid of the living room where he gets scolded if he pees on the couch or floor. I need to know if he may be scared of my bedroom and what i can do to fix this. I posted another thread before to find out what might be causing him to pee only when i call him to my room. Heres the link with some more details of the situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The dog is afraid of you, you should NEVER scold or rub nose in it. Now you are going to have to undo what you've done and it may take a while if ever. Punishing a dog is a terrible way to train them, all you've succeeded in doing is making him afraid of you and possibly damaging his nose.

    You should be crate training to housebreak, he would bark or whine when he had to go out, now you have to undo all your bad training and try to get him to overcome his fear of you. And good luck with that

    If there is something you don't know come here and ask questions we will help you, don't wait to ask for help until after your methods have failed. We have many very experienced dog owners and we can help you.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I agree with Linda, that rubbing the nose, scolding, hitting is old school and a very negative way to train a puppy. He's reacting fearfully now of you and the bedroom, probably the crate too if you put him in these places after punishing him for soiling the house. He's not afraid of the living room because he can't be afraid of every room in the house, and do you close the bedroom door when to force him to go in there? If you do, that separates it from the living room in his mind.

    An untrained puppy should not be roaming around the house unsupervised. He has to be closely watched when loose so when he starts to urinate, he can be corrected or stopped in a POSITIVE way, calmly tell him "No", and bring him to the spot where he's allowed to go in the house. Do you have an area in the house like the kitchen with pads or papers for him to use if he has to? Do you have a yard where he's supposed to go outside when he needs to? Are you walking him often enough and at the proper times?

    I've never crate trained, but confining them to a room with pads when you can't watch them works to keep your house clean and not get them used to going on your carpets and furniture. They only know what we teach them. They want to please us, not fear us. Please guide him with praise and treats when he goes where he's supposed to and never yell, hit or punish when he doesn't. Good companions are a result of good training, it takes some work but well worth it in the long run, believe me. I've trained many pups in my day and they are reliable in the home when I'm done.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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