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Is my cat peeing blood? Thoughts/Advice

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    Is my cat peeing blood? Thoughts/Advice


    So I inherited a Himalayan 4 Year old male cat. Had it since last February... love the guy he's super cuddly.

    BUT.... recently I'd say in the last 1-2 weeks, he's been peeing on my bedsheets/snuggy. He pees in super small amounts - I thought he was being a jerk.... Anyway, the items he peed on were colored. Today when I opened the door to my bedroom (since I've been closing it for the past week... don't want any more pee on my bed) - he jumped on my blanket... and yes peed (that pissed me off) - I noticed something - it was pink tinged.

    Now I've taken cats before and spend hundreds of dollars to find out it's nothing... just a basic exam cost $150 and I just don't have all that money to spend. So I need some advice/thoughts - should I take him to the vet?
    He has the exact same energy - no change in that. Still super cuddly and he talks as well.... So it's strange. Given he's male I thought perhaps it's a UTI or Urinary Blockage... But he pees in small amounts and I think frequently too (like twice in 3 hours in the sink).

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    I would take him to the vet, anything off color like that can be blood and should be looked into. It may be a urinary tract infection or something else, but since he's frequently urinating tiny amounts and pink color, it doesn't sound good, he may also be having pain during urination. Cats don't do things to be jerks or spite people, although we would like to give them those negative human characteristics...something's wrong, please take care of it for him.

    Look around your area for low cost clinics or vet schools that may give you a discounted price, but he needs a doctors attention for treatment. Good luck and welcome.

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    I'm sorry you have to go through this. Your kitty (what is his name?) must be taken to a vet. If crystals and/or bladder stones are blocking his urethra, it is life-threatening and may require surgery. That's the danger of not treating it ASAP. I have no idea why blood would be in his urine, but it certainly does not look good to me.

    Where did the cat pee when you left your bedroom door shut? Does he ever pee in a litterbox or just use it to poop?
    Keep your cats inside and safe.

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