It probably happens to all of us. Somehow cats are able outsmart humans when they look for hiding places. You search every inch of your home two or three times and still can't find your little cat. I know Daisy is never outside except for vet trips. The same was true for all three cats I had in the past. How is it possible to not find her until after she is out of her hiding place?

The last time that happened to me, Daisy was behind a desk drawer. She usually hides inside Mom's box spring when my five-year old niece and nephew are visiting. But this time Daisy found a better hiding spot. The desk has a space behind the drawers that she can jump into from the bottom. In the back is a board just wide enough for Daisy to sit on. Who would have thought about looking for a cat there?

This surprising discovery makes me want to block off the area so Daisy can only "hide" where I can get her out. Where do your cats find hiding places that only a feline could think about? What do you do about it?