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hello from Joesph

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    hello from Joesph

    Hello Friends,
    I am Joesph J Collins. I had some years back. My favorite sweety cat. She is no more. Due to some health issues, she surrendered to death a few months ago. Now I miss sweety. I am looking for a new cat. I hope this forum will a great opportunity to share animal-related issues.

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    So sorry for your loss.
    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

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    Hello Joseph and welcome to the forum, sorry you lost your cat, we've all been there and know how you feel. There is no shortage of cats needing homes, a shelter is a good place to start. If you have a certain breed in mind there are breed specific rescues also.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Sorry to hear about Sweety. Much agreed that adopting from a shelter and saving a life (or two) is the only way to go.

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    Welcome Joseph, my condolences for your loss, hope you find another kitty to share your heart with.

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