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An overdue introduction

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    An overdue introduction

    I should really give a bit of an introduction. I've already posted a bit in the reptile section as I'm completely passionate about reptiles and try my best to inform about these misunderstood animals.

    I currently own 6 snakes, 1 leopard gecko, a cat and a dog. Over the years I've had other snakes, geckos, cats and rabbits, I've also fostered reptiles for the victims of domestic abuse and was in close contact with a reptile rescue until they could no longer financially support the work they were doing so closed down. My aim is to work in-situ in reptile conservation, I've done some voluntary work abroad but need to do more and complete my CV, more than anything its my anxiety disorder that's holding me back.

    My biggest loss was JD, my corn snake who passed away last year. She joined our family in 2003 and was the first reptile I properly got to know (she was my sisters). It was after meeting her that I fell in love with reptiles, why I went to university to learn more about animals, why I picked up the camera in the first place (I'm a photographer), why I have any drives or passions. She transformed my life and I adored her. Some may say she was just a snake but she was a spark of life, adventurous and fearless, an inspiration! She was always exited to see me and I was always excited to see her. She was never in a bad mood, had impeccable manners and wouldn't harm a fly. Since she passed away I have thought of her each and every day, her loss was the hardest hit I'd ever received.

    Not long after JD's passing, Eddy developed some medical issues of her own, she developed oedema which needed medicating (no known cause) then required surgery for a separate issue. I was terrified she was going to go the same way as JD but thankfully Eddy come out the other end unscathed. That was a very bad year for me but thankfully everyone else is in good health! My animals are all very dear to me, no matter what shape they come in, they all deserve our care and compassion.

    This is a video I made about a decade ago when I first made the fake rock interiors for my reptiles, It shows JD, Amy and my past two geckos, Jack and Cleo (who were also extremely precious to me), as well as a young Speedy. It's an old video but it shows their personalities quite well.

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    Hi Cat001, welcome to the forum! Very sorry to hear about your JD passing, my sympathy. You seem to be very passionate in your devotion to reptiles and animals, I know little about them and never had any as a pet. You're kind to foster the ones who needed care and a good home, I admire you for that.

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    Very sorry to hear about JD and it's tough to get over. I feel it helps to talk about those we lost and this forum is a place for support and help. Thank you for sharing your video too.

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    A warm welcome to the forum! I see that you have already clocked up a lot of posts.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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