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Puppy jealous of older dog

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    Puppy jealous of older dog

    I have a new puppy, heís been in my home for about two months and my 5 yr old terrier is getting used to him. They get along fine but I donít treat them the same. My terrier is my baby and my protector, she was trained as a therapy dog so she really doesnít play and she very attached to me (sleeps in my bed, has her spot on the couch, goes out and about with me regularly, etc.). I wanted my puppy to be more of a pet that is well mannered and friendly, can go to dog events, and a big thing is that heís kennel trained. These two are both spoiled but treated different and Iím worried that if this continues it could cause behavior problems, as Iíve heard that dogs can get jealous but havenít seen signs as of now. Itís still early on and I would like some advice while itís still early. Should I treat my dogs the same?

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    Welcome! I absolutely think you should treat both dogs the same. The puppy should be just as loved and pampered as the terrier. There is some jealousy when a new pet comes into the home, but easily remedied by giving treats, praise and affection to both of them equally. Once your terrier know you completely accept the puppy, chance are good he will and they will both have an equal spot in your house and heart.

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