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Chinchilla skin health problem

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    Chinchilla skin health problem

    I have male chinchilla boy for 6.5 years, and he never had any health issue.
    Today I saw this hair loss around his ear, and it seems to be itchy, because he's itching very often in that area.
    I am suspicious about ringworm here. Does anyone has any other idea?
    I have to wait until Monday to bring him to the vet, but to be honest there is no good exotic vet in my town.. :/djuka2.JPG

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    Sorry, I have no experience with chinchillas, but my first thought is to gently massage some extra virgin coconut oil onto the ear. That will soothe the skin and perhaps moisturize it in case dryness is causing the itching. Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, so that may help a bit if there's an infection going on. Hope he feels better, and the vet can help. Welcome to the forum.

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    Unfortunately I've never had chinchillas but Alpha offers good advice about the coconut oil. Hope the little guy gets better soon. Please keep us posted after the vet visit.

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