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Please read! Help needed! Kidney failure!

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    Please read! Help needed! Kidney failure!

    Hello dear Group Members and Cats Papa's and Momma's!🐈

    I would like to share the campaign for Tiger cat below
    and ask you to help as you can!
    This Christmas season, please help make it possible for Tiger to receive the supplements, fluids and meds he needs by donating just a small amount each. It adds up quick and this little guy can continue to live life with a good quality of life. It's the gift of giving that counts.💞🐱
    Tiger is a beautiful cat. I rescued him and many other cats from the streets in Ukraine and brought them all with me here to USA. I have a mini shelter you can name it so.
    Tiger suffering from a Chronic Kidney Failure and the vet Bills are just enormous. It drop me out of my budget. That is why I am reaching out for help and hope that there are souls in this world who's will understand and be supportive.
    Thanks everyone and sorry if this is not a kind of topics you want to read here.


    Iriska and Tiger
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