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Pet brokers are leasing puppies and people are feeling scammed

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    Pet brokers are leasing puppies and people are feeling scammed

    Thinking about giving a puppy or kitten as a holiday gift?

    If so, animal welfare advocates advise that you make sure the recipient is eager and ready for a pet, and they strongly suggest sourcing the animal from a shelter or a rescue group.

    If you are determined to get one from a breeder or a pet store, you might want to double-check that you are actually buying the fluffy little bundle and not leasing it.

    That’s right: Pet leasing is a fairly new but very real industry, and it is getting growing scrutiny from lawmakers and animal organizations such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    They say it is a predatory practice for pushing expensive puppies on people who cannot afford them and do not always understand they are essentially renting an animal for months — and paying far more than they might have realized.

    This happened last year to Natalie Sullivan, a Brooklyn, N.Y., resident who now calls it a “very irrational decision; very stupid.” She and her roommate had been thinking about getting a pet, and they were being deliberate about it all until they fell for a tiny black French bulldog-Boston terrier mix at a pet store in Queens. The friends could not afford the puppy’s $1,450 sticker price, so they decided to take up a store employee’s offer of a “payment plan,” Sullivan recalled. They would pay about $123 every month for two years, according to the contract, which Sullivan shared with The Washington Post.

    Once they were home in their small apartment, Sullivan reviewed the paperwork, and a sinking feeling set in. The documents indicated that although the puppy, which they had named Jane, now lived with them, they were not her owners — and they would not be for at least two years, when the lease ended. At that point, the women would have already paid nearly $3,000, but buying the dog would still require a final payment of about $266.

    “It was a very absurd concept to me,” said Sullivan, 24, who works in television casting. “How do you lease a dog?”

    There is nothing inherently unlawful about renting-to-own a living animal in the same way that you might pay for a car or a sofa. The contracts used by the most prominent pet-leasing firm, Wags Lending, include the word “lease” several times and inform lessees that they are “leasing the Pet and have no ownership rights in the Pet unless you exercise your purchase option, if any.”

    In a cheery video on its site, the Nevada-based company says leasing “helps customers afford that dream pet when buying outright is not an option.”
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    First of all, if you "lease" a puppy for two years, you don't really care about the dog's entire life. You just want a dog and don't care about having a lifelong relationhsip with it until the day nobody looks forward to. What happens after the first two years? I would only give someone a puppy who will never think for one second about giving it up.
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