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Changing wet food

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    Poultry stock must be a British term becaue it is not used here. My guess is the evil byproducts we were talking about earlier. Nonspecific ingredients such as poultry are red flags. Ask the company exactly what it is.

    If organs are not listed on the label, there aren't any. It is just muscle meat. In the wild cats do eat the heart, liver, lungs, and stomach You are lucky to find anything with heart, stomach, and lung. But if poultry stock is what I think, you do not want the GartanaPet one. Same goes for just "meat" on the CatzFineFood label. If you don't know what something is, it probably is bad.

    I don't know anythign about pomegranate. Cranberries are for urinary health.
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    Eleora...the Meowing Heads would be my pick. I've never heard of any of theses so I had to search this UK cat food. I try to go with the good meat ingredients first and stay away from anything with tuna because of the mercury content. Have you purchased any of this before?

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    Poultry involves all birds used for consumption like duck, chicken, cornish game hens, etc. Many people including chefs that serve people use the terms broth and stock interchangeably, but stock tends to be cooked longer for richness, nutrition and flavor using the bones as opposed to mostly meat. I wouldn't be suspicious of that ingredient in a good quality food whether it was poultry/chicken stock or broth.

    Broths are the result of cooking meat, not just bones. They're generally the result of preparing another item and usually not prepared specifically on their own. The juices poured off from a roasted turkey (after being degreased) would be considered broth. Whole chickens being poached for another preparation would create broth.

    Stocks are made from just the bones. They are prepared specifically for use in other recipes (sauces, soups, stews, rice, etc.) Stocks are never salted in their preparation or the finished dish will most likely end up too salty due to reduction that will take place upon further cooking.

    Note that homemade stock will be often a bit more broth-like than restaurant/commercial stocks, since it's really hard to get all the meat off the bones.

    Stocks are usually simmered for a very long time (4-6 hours for chicken & 8-12 for veal/beef) to extract maximum flavor and gelatin from the bones.

    Broths aren't usually cooked nearly as long due to the fact that cooking the meat for extended periods (even chicken surrounded by the liquid) will result in tough, flavorless meat.

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    Thank you guys! The only one I have purchased is the Lilys Kitchen she also has Animonda Carny its the Beef Chicken Rabbit here,

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    Beef, Chicken & Rabbit: Beef (33%, lung, meat, heart, kidney, udder), chicken liver (20%), rabbit (12%), calcium carbonate
    Nutritional additives /kg:
    Vitamin D3 (200 IU), iodine (0.2 mg), manganese (1.5mg), zinc (10mg).

    Hmmm. Only one added vitamin makes me wonder where all the others come from. Why is there more lung than muscle meat for the beef? It could be good, but leaves me with more questions than answers.
    Beware of people who don't like cats.

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