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Serious Flea Issue

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    Serious Flea Issue

    Hi all,

    My dog pic attached...Max Proud.png.jpg
    I keep trying different flea treatments but they're not working & he looks increasingly in trouble.

    He's got very short fur but it's extremely thick so the spot-on's that I keep trying, I think might not be contacting the skin.
    I can't afford expensive treatment but he is suffering, that much I see. I've tried home remedies like adding small amounts of garlic to food
    and making up a spray that includes eucalyptus. Nothing seems to aid his problem. I'm 100% certain he's got an allergy too to these fleas
    so I've given him the recommended veterinarian doseage of Benadryl.

    My home is clean enough, vacuumed daily.

    I need to know how I can aid him. His hind quarters are quite dark pink because he's constantly biting & licking (his hind legs are quite pink anyway because he's mostly white & short fur, but there are tons of red pimples around there.)

    Can anyone suggest something to help him?
    (Pic is before he came across the infestation)

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    Have you tried apple cider vinegar? Mix apple cider vinegar half and half with water, use a spray bottle and spray all over the dog being careful not to get it in his eyes and ears. Apple cider vinegar will not kill fleas but it will make them leave the dog, they don't like the taste and will get off the dog, must be done regularly to keep fleas off him.

    Also people have had good luck with the seresto collar, not all dogs respond to the spot on products. But if you are using a spot on like advantage or frontline plus it needs to go between the shoulder blades, put it directly on the skin.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda2147 View Post
    Also people have had good luck with the seresto collar
    Seresto Horrible

    Hi- Are you using Frontline Plus or a knockoff product? I don't trust any of the knockoffs to be safe or work.

    Yes, these products must contact the skin between the parted fur.

    Btw, Max has some resemblance to my mix Sugar. Do you know what kind of mix Max is? I have been wondering what kind of parents Sugar had.

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    My cats had a run in with fleas and they are tough to get rid of but you can do it. The vinegar/water mixture didn't work so the vet recommended Advantage for the cats/kittens and the Virbac spray for the home treatment. Also you need to wash any bedding or blankets that he sleeps on and definitely keep vacuuming everywhere...especially cracks/crevices. Hope he gets relief.

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    also a good idea to cut up a couple of flea collars and put them in the vacuum cleaner, when you vacuum you'll suck them up and they'll die and not crawl back out
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Try diatomacous earth. Put it in a pump up garden sprayer, mixed with DISTILLED water. Spray in on their fur and rub it in. Spray it lightly on your carpets and everywhere fleas might be, especially outside where they roam.

    You can also put it in their food. It is completely safe and is great for their health (fur, nails bone, teeth).

    Clay is also an amazing dietary supplement. It is a great natural detox that practically ALL animals use. It does something miraculous to the blood. It can neutralize the toxins that fleas introduce in the blood which should help with itching and swelling.

    Be aware!! These are very strong and effective medicines. Your pet may experience an initial 'healing crisis' that you may mistake for an 'allergic reaction'. You may see flu like symptoms or even rashes, diarrhea etc. These are normal detox signs and should be expected and welcomed. If you see rashes just give them a good thick clay coating and let them dry in the sun. This will pull the toxins that the 'healing crisis' is kicking out.

    Don't use Nexgard. It caused my dog to become aggressive. I now have her doing a heavy activated carbon detox regimen. Crossing fingers.

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