To all Pet lovers out there, we are about to launch an online marketplace connecting Pet Owners with Verified Sitters and Pet Borrowers. At Palcura, wе bеlіеvе in a ѕаfе and hарру wоrld whеrе no pet (Pal) is left behind (a.k.a is cared for-Cura).

Pet Owner : Going on a vacation but cannot take your pal? Tired of kennel services? Want to give your pet a loving home care while you are out? Look no further. Sign up today at and earn $5 credit towards your first reservation!

Pet Borrower : Do you love pets? Ever imagined being a parent of a bundle of energy or a cuddly (ahem..lazy ) pet? Adopting or buying a pet is a huge step in one’s life. Let us help you make that call!. Borrowing a pet program is aimed towards families that hesitate in getting a pet because they are not sure if they can handle the lifestyle commitment of a pet. Our pet borrowing program is designed to connect you with pets in the it for few days or to just play and take to the park.

Pet Sitter : Love Pets and would like to earn money by caring for one? Want a frequent companion for your pet? Look no further - sign up at