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Small Breed Pigs as Emotional Support Animals?

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    Thumbs up Small Breed Pigs as Emotional Support Animals?

    I have PTSD, and looking at what would suit my needs for an emotional support animal, I've been leaning towards adopting a pig. It isn't something I'd do for maybe another five years, but it's never too early to learn.

    From the research I've done they seem like a good fit. Animals that need a lot of maintenance are what's kept me this involved in life for a while now. To be registered in my state, ESA's don't need training, but they should be tame enough to be allowed out in public for transportation and the like. I'd prefer something medium to large that can be harness trained and interacted with. I don't mind stubborn behavior or destructiveness.

    But, not having a ton of experience with owning adult pigs, I thought I'd ask. Does anyone here have experiences to share? How do you think these animals would work as a support animal?

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    Sorry River, no experience with pigs at all, but I have heard of them being used as support animals.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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