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Weird question

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    Weird question

    I used a measuring cup to measure the appropriate amount of lime sulfur to add to water for my dog's lime sulfur dip.

    I rinsed the measuring cup out with water. That was two days ago. I washed the measuring cup out today with dish detergent and water today and then used it to measure water to make pancakes for my family, not realizing it was the same measuring cup.

    So the cup had .5 oz of lime sulfur in it. Then it was rinsed with water and dried for two days. Then the cup was washed with dish detergent, water and a sponge. Are my family and I going to get sick in your opinion?

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    I've never used lime sulfur dip and have no idea how toxic it is to ingest in humans, but since the cup was rinsed initially and washed again with water and detergent, I think it wouldn't be that harmful to you or your family. Good luck, let us know if anyone felt ill.

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    If we don't hear, I guess we will have to assume the worst.

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    Thank you for your replies. I called the poison control center and they said I have nothing to worry about 😁. Thank you again.

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