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How old should a dog be before training is begun?

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    How old should a dog be before training is begun?

    At what age can I start training my new puppy? And does anybody know Which is the best dog training collar and why?

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    It's never too early to start training a puppy, as long as they are old enough to be on their own and no longer dependent on the mother for care and feeding. Gentle positive training can be simple, like "sit" or "come", and then progress from there. There should be no "training collars" used in the process, with work and guidance, the average dog can learn all the commands very well.

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    Training should start from the time you bring the puppy home. Forget the tricks and commands for now, first order of business is to housebreak. Get that done and over with then move on to what else you want to teach. Keep lessons short, no more than ten minutes several times a day, any longer and the puppy will be bored and loose interest, Puppies have a very short attention span so keep things short and fun.

    As far as a collar you can get her used to wearing a collar if you want but I prefer using a harness. A collar can damage her throat and neck when training or walking. Get a good fitting harness so she can't slip out of it and you can take it off when not walking or training. The collar is fine for normal wearing for normal house time, not good for walking or training.

    And remember she is a baby and will be teething, don't give her an old shoe or anything good to chew on, they don't know the difference from an old shoe and a new shoe, you can wet a face cloth or rag and freeze it, give it to her when she starts chewing or biting, this will relieve the pain of teething, also get her an antler, an antler with points (branches) on it, she can chew that for a long time and not be able to break pieces off, the hard chewing is good and soothing to the gums.
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    Training should begin the moment you bring the pup home. Start with the absolute basics necessities first such as toilet training and which his/her toys are (so they don't end up biting your valuable belongings during the teething stage). It's essentially teaching a new guest the basic houserules like where the toilet is, where not to go, etc. Puppies are mainly concerned with playing so don't be surprised if you can't get them to listen to you at the start, have patience and keep the training sessions short each day.

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