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Infographic On Shocking Cat Obesity Stastistics

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    Angry Infographic On Shocking Cat Obesity Stastistics

    Hi all, saw this infographic today and found some of the statistics really surprising!! Wasn't so surprised by the human food as treats statistic since I know that's commonplace amongst my friends.

    The 43% of owners not reading labels on food was especially shocking, how do they even know how much to feed if they don't know what's in it!!

    I never thought the problem was this bad, are these surprising for anyone else?

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    This is ridiculous. If people care about the health of their cats, why don't they have any interest in reading cat food labels? They obviuosly don't know what "quality" cat food is.

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    Since nobody else seems to care (shame on them!) I will start with the longest thread about pet food in forum history to make sure everyone knows and understands everything.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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