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Perplexing dog behavior incident

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    Perplexing dog behavior incident

    Our 2 yr. old female miniature poodle that we have had for about a year is a sweet, responsive animal. She is house broken, has full access to an outdoor kennel where she can "go potty" at will.

    However, this morning we discovered that she had peed on our bed. Really! By the way, she is the only animal in the household, so she gets the blame.

    Why??? What could have precipitated this incident? She eats/drinks + poops/pees normal, nothing observable has changed.

    Would a dog pee on a bed like a cat would do, to try to "tell" the owner something?

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    Hi Neo- Dunno. If it only happens very rarely, personally I would just consider it an accident. Especially at night- she might have just drunk a lot of water and neglected to pee enough before bedtime. My oldest dog Boise, now 10, has sometimes had trouble feeling too groggy to wake up in time to get outside to pee. Now I make sure to bring her outside and confirm that she pees just before heading for bed, and bring her out again as soon as we wake up. Of course it could be a sign of some terrible illness or a profound existential message she's delivering that could take years of psychotherapy to resolve, but personally I wouldn't even ask the vet about it unless it happened repeatedly and even with carefully confirmed potty runs like those I use for Boise. Just my feeling. As I say, I don't know.

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    she could have a uti, when they have a uti they look for something soft to pee on because it burns. If it was a one time thing I'd just watch her and if it happens again take her to the vet and get her on anti biotics. If she is put on anti biotics make sure you give her a probiotic, the anti biotic will kill all bacteria, good and bad and she needs the good bacteria in the gut. If you are concerned it is an infection you can just bring a pee sample to the vet and have it checked out
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    Definitely be keeping an eye on her, so far no additional urinary indiscretions. She has lost laying-on-the-bed privileges, unless there is close supervision.

    Angel didn't seem to be quite herself, perhaps there was some profound existential message on her mind, but we don't have any funds allotted for prolonged doggie psychotherapy.


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    Angel is very cute! Do you think she was on the bed and something just scared her, like a loud bang outside or something? Is she nervous at all where this might have happened?

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    mmm, this looked less like a "oops" and more like a squat & pee, a substantial amount. Angel is not particularly nervous. As a matter of fact, she is kind of 'floppy', just a limp body when she's laying on the couch. She's a bit goofy.

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    Angel looks adorable and keeping an eye on her is what I would do. Hopefully this was just a fluke.

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    Oh yea, we do love her to pieces. We acquired her a year ago, to keep our beloved Schnauzer-Pom Mija company, as her litter-mate Misty had to be put down due to her reoccurring Pancreatitis, and then liver tumor. Sadly, Mija went the same route and passed just before Christmas.

    Now, Angel is our sole dog, and we're searching the rescues for a dog to keep her company.

    This is Misty and Mija:


    It still hurts, having lost each so prematurely.

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