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My cat becomes agitated only when i come home

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    My cat becomes agitated only when i come home

    Hello everyone,
    I have a new kitty of 5 months, i got him about a week ago and so far he i not a bad cat but hes very curious and energetic, he likes to jump on high furniture even when i try to stop him, he likes to play but he tends to become aggressive really fast and would start biting and scratching, and again he wouldnt stop even if i make him stop. Now the weirdest part is his behavior while im gone and when i come back, my mother stays home when i go work, and she would tell me that my cat was calm the whole day, but as i come home he just starts jumping everywhere on everything. I take good care of him as im an animal lover. Is there a reason in particular as to why he starts behaving that way when i come home ?

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    Its because he's a kitten and is just doing kitten things. If he's quiet all day with you mom he's had time to build up energy and when you come home you are expected to be his playmate. Not unusual behavior at all. I have a 4 month old bengal kitten, she has two other cats to play with but at first she would bite me and scratch, when she bit me I'd kind of bop her on the nose and say "no bite". She is relentless with the two big cats making them play with her until they hide from her in self defense.

    Kittens have a lot of energy, he needs either another cat to play with or enough toys and things to climb on, like a cat tree, or some other high places he can go. I have a hundred pound german shepherd also and when she isn't tormenting the other cats she pounces on the shepherd. Then she will crash, nap for a couple of hours then she is back at it. But they all get along, no one gets hurt with the rough play, your cat will settle down as he gets older. In the meantime I strongly advise you get him neutered by five months old or as he sexually matures he will spray.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    The high furniture part is familiar. No matter how many times I tell my cat, "Get down," she won't listen and keeps jumping on the kitchen table. A cat tree with three or four levels would do the trick. On top of satisfying her instictive desire to be high, it is something to sleep and scratch on. Scratching also is a feline instinct - even declawed cats still go through the motions - and if trained to use his own furniture, he will not damage yours.

    Kittens are still teething at that age. He needs a toy that is good for chewing (no bells or rabbit fur, etc.) to give him when he is trying to bite you.
    Keep your cats safe during the holidays. They deserve a meowy Catmas.

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