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Gerbil - Lonely Gerbil after one died.

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    Gerbil - Lonely Gerbil after one died.

    So we had a pair of female gerbils up until recently when one passed away. The other is now lonely and We are wondering if she will be okay. We have another pair of gerbils who are her sisters which we separated from the other pair about a year or two ago because they started fighting. So we were wondering, would it be possible to reintroduce them, or maybe put the two cages next to each other so the single gerbil has company? I’ve heard that this might cause the pair to start fighting, however. What do you suggest if neither of these options are viable?

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    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your gerbil. When one of my cats passed away the other cats would mourn the loss with me. In the past I've had hamsters but never gerbils but I would try to at least put their cages next to each other. Then you could try to re-introduce them to each other but definitely keep a watch over them in case a fight breaks out.

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    i had a pet hamster kill the other one before..
    Ive read before that we should separate them when they fight, but do not try to reintroduce them to each other if there has been aggression before.

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