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Man Rescues Two Abandoned Puppies in Arizona Desert Suffering From Dehydration

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    Man Rescues Two Abandoned Puppies in Arizona Desert Suffering From Dehydration

    He brought them to a vet and had them medically checked and treated, and gave them a loving forever home with him. Full story and more pictures HERE.

    In December 2016, Jordan Kahana, 30, was driving along a remote road in the Arizona desert when he found two tiny abandoned puppies. Without a second thought, he took the dogs to the vet and, once the puppies were done with the treatment for severe dehydration, Jordan adopted them.

    Since that day the trio has been an inseparable team, traveling together across the United States. Jordan named the pups Sedona and Zeus and together they have traveled over 30 000 miles and visited 35 states.

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    I just don't understand how anyone can abandon animals and leave them to fend for themselves. It's just absolutely horrible and the scumbags should be the ones who get abandoned...see how it feels to turn the tables

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    Glad it turned out all right.
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    I read that a lot of pets are abandoned where the man found the poor puppies . There should a surveillance camera set up so people can be arrested for animal cruelty and throw in jail ! I would love to see that jackass that abandoned the puppies dump off in the middle of nowhere with no food or water and no coat and see they like it too Esme! Thank goodness the guy came around at right time, but I can't help but wonder
    how many puppies were dumped in the middle of nowhere ! I hope it was only the 2 puppies .

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