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My Amazing dog is too athletic and aggressive to everything

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    My Amazing dog is too athletic and aggressive to everything

    My dog is really amazing. I've had him since he was 10 weeks old and I've been with him every day since. When he was growing up, he would go with my ex to puppy daycare and would play with all the dogs - sometimes he would do a puppy thing and my ex would get frustrated and physically correct my him... once I noticed this, I asked that we try other methods of training instead, and we later got the E-Collar. Eventually, Bruni got so reactive that I couldn't take him to dog parks, I couldn't walk him outside because of his reactivity (he's a 70 pound lab/pit/shep) and no one could knock on my door without him attacking the front door.

    I built a fence for him, took him to day school training, and started behavioral therapy training. I'm so far in the red for all of my attempts to calm him, but unless it's a 15 minute introduction, done very carefully, Bruni will attack anything, anywhere. At a vet's office, he was incredibly sweet natured to everyone until a single man entered the room... after that he aggressively barked, heckled, lunged at kids in the lobby (thank goodness I have very good control of him and I am not afraid in these moments, just embarrassed). But I now cannot take him to the lake to let him play off-leash like I used to... over time, I got his reactivity on walks to lessen so greatly that he will not lunge at people walking past me, but his aggression in other situations continues.

    He lunged at a man in my home who was just sitting on my couch and scratched him badly, my friend opened the front door at a party (incorrectly... I thought everyone was already at the party... which is the only time he can be let out ) and he lunged at her and bruised her hand, he sent a dog home from boarding with stitches and was kicked out of daycare, and the latest, most terrifying incident was that my neighbor was just raking her yard... he would stop at nothing with barking at her, and in one fell swoop, he escaped out of my yard and went on the hunt for her (thank goodness it's a forest behind my house and he was distracted). I went running hard for 15 minutes, keeping him in my sight, brought a tennis ball to play and show I was not scared... but I was terrified. I asked my neighbor to go indoors as I feared her safety... I finally managed to get him, and thank goodness because a passerby was walking with his dog and I know Bruni would have done something awful.

    I have NO idea what to do. I'm terrified of the liability now that he has a police record. I can't afford a higher, privacy fence, and he doesn't trust anyone who isn't me unless they are properly introduced so adopting him is almost out of the question. He is otherwise the most amazing and obedient dog - but he can't even be in my backyard without a leash and his quality of life is diminishing before my eyes. He's only 2! I am so heartbroken..

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    Put a muzzle on him when he is outside without you or even if he is with you if he tends to escape. He is a liability and if he bites someone you are going to get sued and you stand to loose everything. You can't rehome him because if he bites someone you will still be liable. Whoever adopts him would have to sign and notorize a paper saying they know about his history and want him anyway.

    My shepherd is aggressive but she is always under control and is never let outside alone unless she is in her kennel. She is fine with other animals its just strangers she has an issue with. She would never go out of the yard to chase anyone but if they come in the yard that would be a different story. I know this and I make sure she is never out unsupervised.

    Unless a dog is brought up with kids most dogs don't like them, mainly because they are eye level with the dog and the dog sees this as a challenge.

    I suggest you forget the ecollar and muzzle him if he has to be out alone
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Did your ex physically beat Bruni? Is that what made him so aggressive? I agree with Linda that you need to throw that e-collar away, and get him a properly fitting muzzle. Instead of sending him out for training with strangers, you should go to an obedience class with him, so you create more of a bond and trust. If he can't be trusted with guests in your house, then it's your responsibility to keep him under control, either with a leash held by you at all times, or in large crate until the visitor leaves.

    Besides just controlling him, you have to be proactive and start training him to be more social right away, use situations as lessons, but keep the muzzle on him until he can be trusted.

    He's very young, and I think his aggressiveness can improve with socialization and positive gentle yelling, hitting or punishment. He already seems to fear people and reacts with aggression. If he can't be left in the back yard, you have to keep him in the house if you leave and can't watch him. A large outdoor kennel that's secure is a good solution for short term periods outside when needed, please don't just chain him to something, that will make his aggression worse.

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