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    Question Odd Behavior

    We adopted a 6 month old cat about a month ago, and she seemed friendly, which she still is, but seems bipolar, her name is Shade. We have another cat who is going to be 1 year next month, we've had her since she was 2 months old, her name is Shadow.

    The initial 'breaking in' period went fine, she was nervous of her new surroundings for a couple weeks, a few conflicts with our other cat, nothing out of the ordinary. We had to take her to the vet 2 times so far for antibiotics and then a cream to put in her eyes. She's fine with taking the medicine, when we hold her she's completely docile, friendly, very affectionate. She's also gotten friendly with our other cat, they now sleep and play together, use the same litter box and eat side by side.

    Her odd behavior is when we come home. Shadow is always meowing and happy to see us, but Shade seems terrified of us, she runs under the bed and we don't see her for at least a half hour. We've tried to fish her out with toys, treats, but to no avail. Just tonight I picked up the mattress a little to see what she was doing and she bolted into a room on the other side of the house and hid under a chair. I was in the doorway while my fiance went into the room, but Shade was so scared she actually jumped at the wall to rebound and get passed me, then back under the bed. We called it quits at that point and just figured to leave her be.

    I've had cats my entire life (I'm now 33) and I've never had one show this behavior, quite honestly I and my fiance are at our wits end.

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    If she's a rescue you don't know what happened to her in her previous home, she may have been feral and lived on her own for a while, ignore her, don't force yourself on her, when she is ready she'll come around. The more you try to force her to interact with you the longer its going to take. Give her some space, if she wants to hide under the bed or wherever let her, don't chase her, when she feels comfortable enough to come out and be around you she will.
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    I agree with Linda, I think she should just be left alone and she'll work it out on her own and get over it in time. Best not to force her or cause any more stress when she hides under the bed. Good luck and welcome.

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    Thank you both for your input, we will just have to continue to be patient, I knew it would take time but it just seemed strange considering she's alright with everything else... Cats are such weird creatures lol we were thinking of offering her treats whenever we came home so she's more comfortable with the idea.

    Thank you for the welcome Alpha.

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    Weird is normal for a cat.
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    I totally agree with Linda. Maybe she's not used to living with people back in the days and is still adapting herself to the new environment. Don't worry, she'll be fine by her own as long as you'll always keep an eye on her.

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    I have a dog too and she acts also like that, I know it's weird but I find it very cute. Just give shade a time, it's not that very easy to adapt another environment. Try to give her new treats or a new toy.

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    [QUOTE=CatMom1994;53204]Weird is normal for a cat.[/QUOTE


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