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Best insurnace for dogs

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    Best insurnace for dogs

    And cats too for that matter. I have a dog and cat and do not have insurance for them. I heard a commercial for "Pet Plans" on the radio and am not sure if that's good or if there is a better one. Any insight would be HUGELY appreciated.

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    I do not have pet insurance. I think its a rip off, they don't hesitate to take in your money but when its time to use it they always have some reason why this isn't covered. Better off to put the money aside that you'd be paying for insurance and when you need it you have it. They don't cover pre existing conditions, some breeds they only cover certain things. So to me its just a waste of money
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    I don't have any pet insurance either but I do try to put away a small amount of money each month for any emergencies that come up.

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