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    Hi, new to this forum, just wanted to respond with experience with Cytopoint.

    My 5 year old white boxer received his second Cytopoint injection (6 weeks after first). He was agitated immediately after injection and snipped at one of the vet techs he is very familiar with and likes. He remained slightly agitated the first and part of second day. He vomited that night. Approximately a week after, he developed Hives, I am unsure if this is from Cytopoint, but he has never had Hives before.

    I will say the Cytopoint stopped his itching with both injections, however I don't believe he will receive a third. Prior to Cytopoint, he was started out on Prednisone and Antihistamines, then Apoquel became available at my vet office and he started taking along with Zyrtec and Benedryl daily. This regimen was moderately effective, itching was mild to moderate.

    I just want to add, that my boxer does not have anxiety going to the vet, we accuse him of coming up with things just to go see them, as he likes everyone there. I know there is mention of vet anxiety listed with the Cytopoint website.

    I hope if you are using Cytopoint this does not happen as it has worked well as far as controlling the itching.

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    Glad you joined the forum

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    I used to have a cat with severe allergies. The first year after his initial diagnosis, he (Wilbur) got steroiod shots. The high dosage made him sneeze, so he went to a lower dose. Later the vet suggested having an allergy test done to find all of the things he was allergic to. Wilbur had so many allergies I took him to a dermatologist, who prescribed weekly injections and a special diet. The treatments helped, but his allergies included (seriously) other cats and humans. So total relief was impossible.
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    Welcome, so glad you've joined us here!

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    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
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    I do pray you did give him another shot. My healthy 3 year old German Shepard died 2 1/2 weeks after getting the first shot. He died on on 2/17/18, and the more I read, he’s not the only one. I pray your pup is well and change vets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MosesRIP View Post
    I do pray you did give him another shot. My healthy 3 year old German Shepard died 2 1/2 weeks after getting the first shot. He died on on 2/17/18, and the more I read, he’s not the only one. I pray your pup is well and change vets.
    No dog is "the only one" or there would not be any treatment options.

    I am sorry for your loss.
    An inside cat is a safe cat.

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    I have never joined a forum for anything, but came across this forum while researching Cytopoint, sadly something I should have done before it was given to our sweet dog Micah. It was recommended by the allergist who tested Micah in 2012.

    At that time, he started on a weekly allergy shot, specifically formulated for his allergies, and while not perfect, helped some. At the time, Micah was 6. As he aged, the shot was less effective, and he added Atopica which was eventually replaced with Apoquel. Nothing was 100% effective. In June of 2017, always a bad month for Micah, he was more itchy and biting than usual. At the suggestion of the allergist, our vet gave Micah his 1st shot of Cytopoint.

    Within a week, he seemed to be a little "off", and that did not improve. The next week he seemed to be a little more out of sorts, just acting as if something wasn't right. From July 3rd, until he passed away on Aug. 24th, he visited a vet's office about 8 times, and went once to the ER, and no one made the connection to the shot. He was receiving acupuncture treatments for his hips and everyone thought his being "off" was related to increased pain in his hips. (this little guy was a puppy mill rescue who lived his 1st 5 years in a wire cage!).

    On July 24, he received his 2nd shot, and within a day, he was layed out on the floor breathing rapidly, and almost seemed to be having a stroke. I called the vet and they called the Cytopoint maker, and they said Micah's problems were not related to the shot. So we went to the ER on July 27, and they said it was related to his heart, though his oxygen was good and his breathing had improved. He had a heart scan on July 29th which "caught" a picture of gall bladder mucocelle -- at that point, Micah had received 2 shots of Cytopoint.

    On Aug. 20th he entered the ER for the 2nd time, where he died on Aug. 24. In an effort to make sense of what happened to this sweet little dog, who suffered immeasurably his last 6 weeks, I have searched and searched for answers. And low and behold, there it was, in a study by Merck, I read just this week -- a Cytopoint injection causes rapid development of a gall bladder mucocelle, as in immediate. It all makes sense to me now, especially after reading other stories about dogs who've had some type of cancer, and how very rapidly, almost overnight, it grew, after a Cytopoint shot.

    This shot, at the very least it seems, suppresses the body's natural immune system. So for dogs with a health issue like cancer or a gall bladder mucocelle, it takes that existing condition, which the body might have be able to fight naturally for many months, or a couple of years, and puts it into rapid overdrive.

    I'll always regret my decision. This little dog, who lived a life of hell for the first 5 years of his life, suffered intensely for 8 weeks before he died, with severe stomach pain related to a rapidly developing microcelle. All the while, everyone was treating him for what they thought were hip and joint , and heart problems. This was the result of Cytopoint...

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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Micah. It's such a heartbreak and I hope Cytopoint is pulled from the market.
    “Save a life and save a stray”

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    Thanks for telling Micah's story. Very sorry.

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    My sympathy for your loss Robbin, rest peacefully little Micah. Thanks for sharing your sad story.

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    I have a nightmare story I would like to share about our experience with CYTOPOINT. I have a 2.5 year old pit/lab mix. He developed skin allergies this past fall, and was given Beneddryl, Zyrtec, prednisone etc. every time the script was up the symptoms would return. Finally the vet suggested the cytopoint injection which he would need every 4-6 weeks and posed minimal to no side effects. He had his first injection on 1/23/18, itchiness gone and no side effects! Went for his second injection, and about 2 weeks later we noticed his tongue was pale and he was lacking his normal energy. One day we came home he literally collapsed when he came to greet us. We rushed him to the vet, and his red blood cell count as at 17%, normal is at least 37% and a transfusion is recommended @10-12%. We had about $1000 worth of tests done- snap, tick Pannel, echo, ultrasounds, xrays for tumors, blood tests for cancer - ALL NEGATIVE. He was essentially diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia caused by autoimmune disease. So basically his body was killing his red blood cells, ironic that CYTOPOINT is a biological
    Treatment that works with the immune antibodies and proteins on the red blood cells. He was put on immunosuppressants and prednisone to try to rebuild his immune system.

    2 weeks go by and no real response to the treatment. He goes for his check up and his count is down to 12%. At this point the injection is about 7 weeks in his system.... the bed upped the dose of prednisone.. 2 days later he was barely moving and his breathing was very slow. We took him to a veterinary hospital where his RBC. count was down to 10% and an emergency blood transfusion ($1500 and 2 nights in the hospital) was done just to buy us some time. They ran the same tests and still no cause found, the last thing they offered was a bone marrow biopsy to see if he was still producing RBC’s or if it was terminal. ($1600). The results came back and he was still producing RBC’s but his body was killing them. They added an antibiotic to the treatment. When he left the hospital he was at 19% RBC count, 2 days later we took him back and he was up to 23% which was the only improvement we have seen and the shot was now at 8 weeks in his system. His next check up he was at 25%.

    We are trying to remain optimistic that he will keep increasing and we can have our baby back. Our world revolved around this dog and we agreed we would stop at nothing to try to make him better. It was truly the most heartbreaking thing we have ever been through. Both our vet and the hospital cannot confirm that CYTOPOINT is the cause of all of this but i truly believe it was, especially after reading several stories. I do not recommend this shot to anyone and truly hope no one ever has to go through what we went through with our baby.

    I am interested to hear more similar stories, hopefully we can get this drug off the market and stop acting as the guinea pigs for this drug

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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