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    Im so sorry to all that have been thru this i refused to allow my vet to give my baby the shot and i hope thst all of you have reprted this to zoetis the maker of this drug

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    My dog has always sufferred with allergies to the point that she would scratch herself to the point she would yelp in pain. She got her first cytopoint shot in May, and then her second in August. Before this she was healthy besides her allergies, and the cytopoint did soothe them. She is a 9 year old basenji/border collie mix.

    Since the first cytopoint injection she has had worsening focal seizures (20+ daily, initially just in the head but now it is affecting her legs), multiple tumors (not diagnosed as anything yet), general lethargy and occasional short and shallow panting. She also developed a grade one heart murmur but at our visit to the vet today he said he could no longer hear it. She is still eating and drinking fine, all blood work looks normal. Our vet is enquiring with the parent company that distributes cytopoint to see if any other cases have been reported like this. If thats a dead end we will have to do more diagnostic testing. We are not continuing with cytopoint in the hopes that symptoms plateau or ideally stop.

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    I have my own Cytopoint nightmare currently happening. My dog Peanut went into her vet (Banfield Pet Hospital) on Tuesday 9/4 for a skin issues. Her hind legs were red and raw from her itching and licking. The vet said it was an allergic skin reaction that was likely from something she came into contact with outside. I was given 2 options Apoquel (pills) or the Cytopoint. Now being an owner of my pup who already does not like to cooperate taking the pills she already needs to (and I brought this up in the appointment) we decided the Cytopoint would be easiest to get her feeling better. I was not made aware of any side effects of this injection, just that it did not directly affect the kidneys. Peanut had been living stably for a year with renal failure, showing no signs or symptoms. She lived happily and played like her normal self. The injection was given and I took her home.

    Thursday 9/6, she was not right. She would not move very much, if we took her outside she would just lay in the grass. She wasn’t eating and wasn’t drinking and she began to vomit. I took her back into the vet that day. First the vet told me they would do bloodwork and give her fluids and medications to help with her stomach. Hours later I get called back that she needs to go to an Emergency Hopsital, it was her best chance at living. The vet told me her kidney values were elevated as were her calcium and phosphorus. I mentioned that I was worried this was a Cytopoint reaction, where I was told that it was not and it was much more it was her kidneys failing. She was admitted to the ICU that night. The ER doctor told me first they would put her on fluids and IV antibiotics, because it’s possible her skin infection (the original area of skin redness and rawness she went in for was now infected and covered in puss, Banfield didn’t even have the decency to look at her skin while she was there or clean her up) moved to her urethra and into her kidneys. I called the check on her that night, no real changes.

    Friday 9/7, I called early in the morning to check on her with no real changes still. I then called later in the morning where I talked to the Critical Care doctor who took over her care. There was a possibility that the side effects (which I didn’t even know about, I had to google thence and find the on the Cytopoint website: lethargy vomiting anorexia diarrhea) pushed her kidneys too far. The plan was to repeat blood work and do an ultrasound of her kidneys that afternoon. I went in to visit her for when she was done with her ultrasound. The nurse carried her out to me and to the room where she laid in my lap softly whimpering. The doctor came in and we discussed how her kidney values were coming down and how the ultrasound did not show any acute changes to show her kidneys were failing, what was seen is what they would expect to see in a dog who was previously living stably with renal failure. It was also noted that her face was swollen, so steroids and Benadryl were started in case this was an anaphylactic reaction happening. The doctor also told me was in contact with Zoetis to let them know this all happened after her Cytopoint injection. I called again that night for an update, no real changes except she was now moving around in her kennel (the nurse previously had to make all position changes for her).

    Saturday 9/8 I went in the morning to visit her. This time the nurse was walking her out on a leash to come get me. This was the first time in 4 days she walked on her own. She had bloodwork done again that morning. I spent the morning doing small laps with her around the area we were which was recommended by the doctor to get her gut moving again. We even went outside together for the first time. I spent more time with her trying to offer her food, she only took one little lick but it was progress. The doctor said her kidney values were still going down and she wanted to try and get her to eat a little that night but with 1 or 2 more days on fluids she would be able to come home. I would administer fluids to her at home for a week and her medications. Things were looking up. Her face was still swollen at this point. I called for an update again that night and things were the same, she was moving around still working on getting her to eat. They would call me if they needed to but didn’t anticipate any other changes.

    Sunday 9/9 6am...I get a call from the doctor who took care of her over night. Peanut went out with her nurse for a morning walk, was wagging her tail again and trotting around. On the way back inside, she collapsed, went into cardiopulmonary arrest, and died. She likely threw a clot and had a stroke. I went in to see her one last time. I discussed with the doctor who had been taking care of her this whole way, and we decided a necropsy would be very beneficial so we knew what happened. I dropped her body off that morning.

    We are currently waiting for the necropsy results and we have every intention of going after Zoetis and Banfield. I have filed a formal complaint with Banfields corporate. It was a careless decision to ever even recommend a drug that has side effects of lethargy anorexia vomiting and diarrhea to a dog who has kidney failure. She can’t recover from the dehydration that would result from that like a normal healthy dog could. Drinking water is essential for her. And now I have to live with the decision that I tried to make it easier for her to feel better when it reality I made a decision that killed her. Someone needs to answer for killing my dog. She was perfectly fine, I took her in for a skin issue and now she is dead.

    This has been the most traumatizing experience of my life. I pray no one else has to go through this. No one deserves this. My dog did not deserve what happened to her. This drug needs to be off the market.

    The ICU vet said she will remain in contact with Zoetis, as this is likely a reaction and possible anaphylactic reaction to the Cytopoint.

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    I'm so sorry you lost your dog. So many people have had bad results with this shot, then you get one that has no issues and the vets convince people the drug is safe. Check the reviews on Banfield, I'm surprised anyone uses them. Remember how they tooted the six month heartworm shot? Many many dogs died before that was taken off the market, going to be the same with this one I think, but to late for the dogs that are lost. I hope people sue them and the vets that prescribe them, someone has to be accountable for dogs dying because of their carelessness.
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    Cytopoint made my dog have acute diarrhea, extreme back pain, hind leg weakness, almost total body hair loss, crusty skin, lethargy, pale tongue. But no itching. This drug is a killer and a total lie. The vet said no side effects and get to the root of the itching. One shot and we are in our 6th week waiting as our dog very slowly recovers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbsnyder View Post
    This drug is a killer and a total lie.
    You said it. How much more money will Zoetis and the vets keep grabbing before they stop killing more dogs?

    Here's hoping your dog can pull through.

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