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    Hi, new to this forum, just wanted to respond with experience with Cytopoint.

    My 5 year old white boxer received his second Cytopoint injection (6 weeks after first). He was agitated immediately after injection and snipped at one of the vet techs he is very familiar with and likes. He remained slightly agitated the first and part of second day. He vomited that night. Approximately a week after, he developed Hives, I am unsure if this is from Cytopoint, but he has never had Hives before.

    I will say the Cytopoint stopped his itching with both injections, however I don't believe he will receive a third. Prior to Cytopoint, he was started out on Prednisone and Antihistamines, then Apoquel became available at my vet office and he started taking along with Zyrtec and Benedryl daily. This regimen was moderately effective, itching was mild to moderate.

    I just want to add, that my boxer does not have anxiety going to the vet, we accuse him of coming up with things just to go see them, as he likes everyone there. I know there is mention of vet anxiety listed with the Cytopoint website.

    I hope if you are using Cytopoint this does not happen as it has worked well as far as controlling the itching.

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    Glad you joined the forum

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    I used to have a cat with severe allergies. The first year after his initial diagnosis, he (Wilbur) got steroiod shots. The high dosage made him sneeze, so he went to a lower dose. Later the vet suggested having an allergy test done to find all of the things he was allergic to. Wilbur had so many allergies I took him to a dermatologist, who prescribed weekly injections and a special diet. The treatments helped, but his allergies included (seriously) other cats and humans. So total relief was impossible.
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    Welcome, so glad you've joined us here!
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