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Why do some cats like to play and some don't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yetidog37 View Post
    Thank you so much for all your info Do cats need lots of fresh air like we do? Or do they just peek out side once in a while and sniff around?
    You're welcome Yeti, all animals need fresh clean air like we do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatMom1994 View Post
    Can you open your windows to give yourself fresh air? Do you have a screen door in the back? Cats love to sit in windows and can get their fresh air that way. Some homeowners can build or install cat enclosures with all of the outdoor comforts a kitty could want except smaller animals to kill.

    Ok thank you catMom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatMom1994 View Post
    Wow, you were very lucky to have two cats live at least 20 years. I had one who came very close, 19.5, and she was still able to jump on my bed during her last year on Earth. But years before then she stopped running and walking fast. (I miss seeing the swinging tummy fat when she did that.) She preferred to play with other cats instead of toys and got lonely when her other best friend, Wilbur, had to cross the bridge. But she wasn't playfui at all as her kidney deteriorated.

    I know the lifespan statistics are inaccurate. Many outdoor cats live longer than three years. However, the dangers of letting cats go outside like that go far beyond the ages cats die. They can have many problems out of the house that are not life-threatening, but could not happen indoors. What I am seeing on this forum is people learn the hard way even if their cats survive, letting them outside is a terrible idea.

    This is my Jake about 3 months before he passed away

    A few weeks before then he was outside and when I called him to come in he looked at me with a sort of "watch this" look on his face and jumped a 6ft fence to go through the cat flap around the back instead. I do believe the opportunity for him to maintain his fitness by climbing the fences and trees in the area, as well as run around the field at the back of the house contributed to his long life; access to outdoors for him was not a hinderance but a help. Many people on our street also owned cats and the ones I knew personally all lived past 18, all had outdoor access. My third cat, Magik made several cat friends, he's a surprisingly social cat, which is the sort of enrichment I wouldn't want to deny him. Cats will also self medicate by eating grass, this helps the animal to alleviate stomach upset which the owner may not be aware of. There are certainly benefits to outdoor access but the key thing is properly assessing the area for it's suitability for cats to have access to. It's down to the owner to assess the dangers and make that sort of decision. I lived with a field directly behind the house in a very quite area with very slow moving traffic as we lived in a very bendy culdesac (cars physically couldn't drive fast), so it was quite suitable to allow the cats outdoor access. This assessment has been proven correct with 30 years of consecutively owning cats and never having an incident. This, off course, may have been another story if we lived in another area. This sort of decision needs to be made case by case, there's no single correct answer here; it is neither right nor wrong to let your cat outdoors until more is known about the specific area and it's possible dangers/benefits.
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    Thank you for your input Cat.
    Rescued is my favorite breed. Don't shop, adopt!

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    Yes thank you.

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