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One eye needs help

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    One eye needs help

    Hi my name is Gavin ( Aka Bug ) I would like your help. My favorite thing in the world is my cat one eye. He was a stray cat that wandered into my life when I was 3 . At that time we already had 3 cats and did not have room for him. So my dad and I went and bought him a dog house to live in our backyard. He lived there during the summer and snow storms. My dad would sneak him in sometimes when my mom was not home When our cat poopie died my mom cried alot . So I asked if we had room for one eye to come in and she said yes. He lived with my other cats monkey and box kitty. Monkey is with poopie now in heaven and I do not want one eye to go with them . He went to the doctor and he lost 4 pounds and they said he has some lump on his belly. I know it cost alot of money to help him and don't have much . I watch you tube videos of people who help other cats with go fund me I told one eye I will help you


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    Welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to hear about One Eye. I hope everything works out for him and you.

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    I am sorry that you already lost two cats and are worried about losing another kitty. Of course you don't want One Eye to follow them to heaven - nobody likes that part of having a cat. Hopefully the vet can help him not just live longer, but also have a better quality of life.

    I assume his name came from actually having only one eye. Is he missing the left or right one? What happened to it?
    Keep your cats safe during the holidays. They deserve a meowy Catmas.

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    Welcome to the forum I'm so sorry to here about poopie & monkey.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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