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Best way to integrate cat and dog?

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    Yeah that is definitely something I am looking at watching long term. I think right now its just a fad, 3 cats who never shared space with any other animal, and a dog who had a really bad past owner. Like I said my cats are acting normal as well as territorial, its not like they are just hiding somewhere afraid of the dog, they are still socializing with me and meowing. and they are getting to know each other, like one of my cats was meowing at him before, the other one was checking out his crate, etc.

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    I'm not going to say anymore. I think its a bad idea but if you can make it work go for it. But the dog is still young, he will mature then you'll see his true nature come out. In my opinion your cats will never be safe with that dog around
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I definitely understand all the concerns and everything. Luckily, I found out more information about him and found out that he was bred in a farm with a bunch of other small animals, cats, chickens, etc. I think he just wants to play with my kitties but they don't want to back. He hasnt made an aggressive attempt to lunge at them or bite them, so I am hoping that stays that way.

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    I think coming from a farm environment is a good thing, providing he didn't kill any of the small animals there. Good luck, please make sure that your cats aren't overly stressed though, they should be able to relax calmly in the house without threat.

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