The Animal Legal and Historical Center at Michigan State University College of Law website is a gold mine of information about laws pertaining to wildlife, farm animals, and pets written in plain English. Hundreds of laws are covered - including some in Europe and Australia. Some topics are issues many people probably never think about, such as custody of a pet in divorce cases. Here are links to laws that can affect pet parents, which I will update as I read more. These are basic introductions with tabs for all the details.

Animal rights:

Veterinary malpractice:

Disasters that require evacuation of people and pets:

Fostering and pet rescues:

Feral cat issues:

Spay and neuter mandates:

Compesnsation for wrongful death or injury to a pet:

Limits on number of pets per household:

Custody of pets in divorces:

Including pets in your will or trust:

Commercial breeding and puppy mills:

Selling animals at pet stores:

Breed specific legislation:

Dangerous dogs:

Leash requirements:

Impounding dogs: