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My dog only behaves on the leash when in familiar places.

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    My dog only behaves on the leash when in familiar places.

    We have been working on loose leash walking with our lab mix, and she has a no pull harness. She is not perfect yet, but generally well behaved and doesn't pull too much when we do our daily walks through the neighborhood. But anytime we take her anywhere else, the park, the vet, etc. All of a sudden she freaks out and cant handle the leash. She starts to pull back, jump around, growl and roll around. I realize that it probably has something to do with being over stimulated in a new environment, but I'm looking for any advice or tips on what to do on this situation or what steps we can take to stop it. It makes me scared to take her anywhere in public by myself. She has never shown aggression, except this weekend at the park when she started jumping around, I tried to get her to settle down and she seemed to be trying to nip at my hands, although she did not actually bite me, and I'm sure she could have if she really wanted to. Everyone keeps telling me that we just need to keep taking her out to get her used to things but I am nervous that she will get off the leash or bite me one day if she gets scared. Any advice helps.

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    I don't need to use a leash very often as she stays right beside me but for going to the vet or the groomer I have a 6 foot leather leash, regular kind but it also has a handle near where it hooks on to the collar or harness. Works great, this way you have two means of controlling her, hold the end of the long leash in your hand and also the little one near her body, you have complete control at all times with the double handles
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