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Petty Behavior or Not Spayed Behavior?

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    I have two female cats that will be two years old in May, Gunsmoke and Silverton. They both are not fixed so they have their heat cycle. These two cats are found fighting with our older male cat, Goldie. (Goldie grew up with a beagle but our beagle passed away two years ago.) Goldie is well behaved and comes around when he wants attention. While he is laying around minding his own business, one of the females comes up to him and attacks him. The female sinks her claws right into his skin or the top of his head between his ears. Both Gunsmoke and Silverton do this to Goldie.

    I am not sure if Gunsmoke and Silverton are trying to show dominance over Goldie or if it's simply those two aren't spayed? Maybe jealousy because we have had Goldie longer and we express more sympathy for him. I'm not sure and I am wondering what other people think.

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    it is obviously "not spayed" behavior. Everything you posted points the same direction: to your vet's operating room. I hope Goldie is neutered because if not, Gunsmoke or Silverton could already be carrying kittens.

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    Goldie is neutered. Thanks for the input. The internet says a lot of things but I felt not being spayed or dominance was a reason.

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    I think spaying is your answer. Poor Goldie though in the meantime. Are they all indoor cats?

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    I would say that not being spayed and jealousy are the problems. I really feel bad for Goldie, and I hope you get the girls spayed soon for everyone's benefit.

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    Adding to Alpha's comment, in addition to making life easier for Goldie, spaying Gunsmoke and Silverton will reduce their risk of sneaking outside to find unneutered mates. Then there is that thing called cancer when a cat gets older. Wtihout ovaries, fallopian tubes, or a uterus, spayed cats have no risk of suffering any reproductive system cancers.

    I am glad Goldie has been neutered.

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