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Need help picking a pet

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    Need help picking a pet

    Hi there, I'm trying to get a pet that the entire family would like. Would prefer pets under 8k CAD, and we cannot have dogs or cats. It'd be great if you guys could recommend any pets Here is the current situation:Mother: -Hates rodents, or anything that ressembles a mouse-Likes smaller animals-Only will accept affectionate animals-Finds birds very boring-Doesn't like fish -Prefers exotic and/or beautiful animals-Housewife, so we can have high maintenance petsFather:-Hates dogs and cats-Likes smaller, affectionate animals -Likes whatever my mother likesMe:-Allergic to cats, dogs, ferrets, capybaras, lionhead and angora bunnies (Bummer) -Don't like fish Current pets are one BEW lop and a parakeet. Our family can't decide what to get, with everyone's needs and preferences.Knowing this, what would everyone recommend?

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    you've kind of covered everything. I'm not into rodents or reptiles either, I don't like things that fly at me so I don't do birds either. But considering your limited choices I would say go with a parrot, something that will interact with you and even talk to you. That may be the best choice for you
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    Welcome to the forum, Nerd.

    Don't worry about the cost of buying a pet. The financial question is can you afford caring for it - toys, food, vet bills, etc.

    Unfortunately you ruled out every kind of pet there is. Something has to give. You indicated a love for rabbits, so I would start there. Check out the Other Pets forum.

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    Welcome to the forum Nerd!

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    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

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