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Good, yet inexpensive set up for a hamster cage?

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    Good, yet inexpensive set up for a hamster cage?

    I've had my hamster for a while but just recently decided that the cage I had him in previously is too cramped and too much of a hassle to clean as often as it has to be cleaned...

    I currently have him set up in a temporary cage, made of a large cardboard box with another box as a little hut like thing, an empty litter box and his wheel. I'd like to get him a decent sized container that I could potentially add layers to without costing too much money! I am paying off a brand new car loan and I'd like to get that over with as quick as possible...

    Is it good to have a hamster in a cardboard box? I was worried about him chewing on it... I know that my hamster, Babe, is prone to chewing when he wants to get out and get in his ball, but otherwise, he doesn't seem interested in chew toys or sticks when I offer them to him. So far he hasn't chewed on the cardboard, but it has only been a few hours.

    Would it just be better to get a larger container? Potentially plastic? I don't have floor space to really put him on, he'd be up on top of a chest of drawers that I have. Or if being on the floor would mean I could give him more levels to go up, then I could fit him in the corner next to my 29 gallon. Would a plastic container be a good way to go about potentially making more levels as I get bored and more cardboard and tools to give him things to do?

    Sorry if I'm asking too many questions! I'd just really like to make him as happy as possible and to make sure he doesn't get lost in my walls ^^', we've already had a scare with that!

    Here's an image of the current (definitely temporary) setup! The box is pretty thick... but again, would it be a problem for chewing? (I will be making something to go up over it so he doesn't climb out)

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    I never owned a hamster but I think it would be subject to chew on it so just make sure he doesn’t escape by making a hole.A large plastic bin that is usually used for storage seems more sturdy because of its original purpose and harder to chew trough.Once again I might not me the best person to answer but that is what I think.Good luck!

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