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Dog names I like!

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    Of your stuffed dog. (If you have a pic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yetidog37 View Post
    Of your stuffed dog. (If you have a pic)
    I had Scruffy back in the days when Polaroid cameras instantly spit out square pictures in white frames after the shutter button was pressed.
    An inside cat is a safe cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yetidog37 View Post
    I love these names for dogs male and female! (And maybe cats)



    Cracker and Peanut.

    And if you have a big dog you might name it one of these!

    Buff, Goliath, Giant, and Sword. So if you get a new dog than you might consider these names.

    What are some names you like?

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    Our year old hound hasn't told us his name yet. He comes to "dog" baby" "buddy" "seymore" "hank" "brat" "hey you" anything but late for bkfst , lunch, dinner.

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