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Cat fishing pole.

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    Cat fishing pole.

    I am looking for a specific cat toy. Itís my cats favorite and itís falking apart. It has a fishing pole with a red and white bobber attached. But his favorite part is that fish that is detached now. He sleeps with it and Careyís it all around the house. Itís blue, light blue in the face and a darker blue body with almost a leopard print and two bulging eyes. If you can help me please send me in the right direction. Iíve searched everywhere and gotten him different ones and he loves his original fishy.

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    Welcome to the forum! Well first of all do you know were you got the toy? Do you know if they stopped selling it or can you go back to the store and buy a new one? If this is not possible than somebody else will tell you more about your cats toy and what to do.

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    Yetidog offers good advice and if I come across it on the internet I'll let you know. WELCOME!

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    I got it a long time ago. Donít know where. Thatís why Iím having such a hard time. Heís 1 year old it was my cats toy that passed before we got him.

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    Oh! I understand now. If possible can we see a pic of your cat and the toy? Good luck finding it!

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    Is it something like this? Hartz gone fishin' toy for cats. Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. What's your cat's name?

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    It probably was discontinued. There are similar toys with various interchangable attachments. If only the fish fell off, you can buy a "refill" but it would not look anything like that.
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