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Cytopoint the cause?

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    Cytopoint the cause?

    I have the sweetest rescue miniature schnauzer who is roughly 5 years old. Murree has allergies to dust and grass so the spring can be a very itchy time of year for him. He had cytopoint last year and did great! This past Sunday I took him in to have it done again and heís not the same. I really noticed today that something wasnít right. He stopped jumping on the bed with me at night all week. This morning I went to put his harness on for his walk and you could tell it just hurt him to put pressure on his back legs. Well he had the injection done on the back left hip and that appears to be the leg bothering him. He seems fine on our walks. Heís either torn a muscle or itís the shot. Iíve literally changed nothing. He had the shot Sunday and ever since heís just not the same. His Appetite has changed some as well. Anyways Iím just concerned for him. Iím taking him to the vet tomorrow morning because what Iíve read about cytopoint has scared me and I hope my murree will be ok!
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    Hello- This shot appears to be killing dogs left and right. It is not a normal pharmacological (chemical) treatment. It is a biologically engineered treatment with questionable testing and no historical track record. The manufacturer tried to shut down the the biological itch response. In the process they seem to have shut down other vital biological processes that normally protect a dog from sickness and death. The results are swift sickness and death.

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    Welcome to the forum! I will be saying a prayer for your Murree and that all goes well for him.

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    Welcome! I'm sorry to here about your pet.

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    Welcome to the forum, I'm so sorry about your Murree, and hope it's not something too bad, please let us know what happens at the vet. Was he actually tested for allergies, and was itching the only reaction?

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    Welcome to the forum! I hope you find all of the information you need about Cytopoint in the threads linked here and get only good news from your vet.
    Keep your cats inside and safe.

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    Hello, Please helps us to pray and get more information on cytopoint. This is an alert story that happened to us within less than 48 hours after Angie got the first time the injection.

    On April 13 she had a general check appt + complaining about itching that we are very familiar with the season and especially in California.
    Our lovely pug six years old very happy and friendly and in the best hands.

    Later on Sunday, April 15, she was crying so hard that we couldn't figure the reason and then she was showing of pain all over the body (shacking, back or stomach pain)literally couldn't move her body.
    Our vet clinic was closed, and we didn't want to wait until Monday, so we rushed we her to the VCA hospital.

    The doctor couldn't define the issue, and the first treatment was given methadone, tramadol, and Rovera. In addition, we asked to run a UA test, then decided to take her home, and how to look she is doing over the night and continuing with our primary vet in the morning.

    Since the methadone started working only after few hours instead of having an immediate response and continue having the same behavior and signs such as lethargy, weakness, couldn't move at all and was limping on the left leg, we didn't wait, and right way took her back again to our vet. April 16 the doctor saw again and ran lab test and the x-ray whole body and didn't see any findings and told us to get home and only continue with the Rovera.(all this situation happening less than 48 hours).

    We did give her the meds and waited few hours to see if she gets a bit more comfortable. Unfortunately, we didn't see any movements than on the evening called to the vet, and we told to go to the hospital at this time she got worse and wasn't communicated with us and seemed extremely lethargy.(by the way, VCA/UA results are clean.

    we went to VSH Emergency and again to repeat whole the story to the doctor about the past hours the went through and did mention that one of the treatments was CYTOPOINT INJ.the doctor findings:" Angie was limping on her left front leg and seemed painful in her mid-low back, and her abdomen was mildly tense its unlikely she still experiencing effects from the methadone was given at VCA".

    Angie was given fluids to help keep her hydrated and injection of Cerenia to settle her stomach pain then took her home.
    We monitored her 24h, and she hasn't changed.We had to take her back to the hospital on April 17. Pay attention to this we requested to do ultrasound and urine culture. The ultrasound that made to her was totally fine and no any of internal findings(liver, kidney, pancreas, etc..)

    We decided to step it up and hospitalized her for seeing neurology expert and decided to move on to MRI to rule out any spinal cord disease such as meningitis, disk. April 18 we were hoping that the MRI will show diagnostic of disk any back or neck problem. The MRI wasn't showing any disk issue.

    However, there was some finding on T1 area that may alert LINPOMA. I want to remind that prior CYTOPIONT Angie was completely a healthy dog. While Angie still under the anesthesia the doctor move forward and take an additional spinal fluid sample to see what causing the T1 finding could be inflammation, tumor. Still, on April 18 the doctor changed her meds and added steroids and antibiotics.Angie still in the hospital and still waiting for the sample result.

    Over the night could not sleep and overthink on all the events from the day that she got the CYTOPOINT APRIL 13.

    Our fears as we know very well our dog behavior and health that all involved doctors and experts are getting the wrong direction and missing the most important part that all the symptoms started after this injection and again she a healthy dog with a little bit of allergy.

    Tomorrow morning we are going to the hospital to warn the experts about CYTOPOINT to inform them to open the eyes and look deeper into the case. Before killing our doggie.

    please read this carefully as we went over this forum and other similar cases.

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    Hope Murree will be OK.
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    I have a nightmare story I would like to share about our experience with CYTOPOINT. I have a 2.5 year old pit/lab mix. He developed skin allergies this past fall, and was given Beneddryl, Zyrtec, prednisone etc. every time the script was up the symptoms would return. Finally the vet suggested the cytopoint injection which he would need every 4-6 weeks and posed minimal to no side effects. He had his first injection on 1/23/18, itchiness gone and no side effects! Went for his second injection, and about 2 weeks later we noticed his tongue was pale and he was lacking his normal energy. One day we came home he literally collapsed when he came to greet us. We rushed him to the vet, and his red blood cell count as at 17%, normal is at least 37% and a transfusion is recommended @10-12%. We had about $1000 worth of tests done- snap, tick Pannel, echo, ultrasounds, xrays for tumors, blood tests for cancer - ALL NEGATIVE. He was essentially diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia caused by autoimmune disease. So basically his body was killing his red blood cells, ironic that CYTOPOINT is a biological
    Treatment that works with the immune antibodies and proteins on the red blood cells. He was put on immunosuppressants and prednisone to try to rebuild his immune system.

    2 weeks go by and no real response to the treatment. He goes for his check up and his count is down to 12%. At this point the injection is about 7 weeks in his system.... the bed upped the dose of prednisone.. 2 days later he was barely moving and his breathing was very slow. We took him to a veterinary hospital where his RBC. count was down to 10% and an emergency blood transfusion ($1500 and 2 nights in the hospital) was done just to buy us some time. They ran the same tests and still no cause found, the last thing they offered was a bone marrow biopsy to see if he was still producing RBCís or if it was terminal. ($1600). The results came back and he was still producing RBCís but his body was killing them. They added an antibiotic to the treatment. When he left the hospital he was at 19% RBC count, 2 days later we took him back and he was up to 23% which was the only improvement we have seen and the shot was now at 8 weeks in his system. His next check up he was at 25%.

    We are trying to remain optimistic that he will keep increasing and we can have our baby back. Our world revolved around this dog and we agreed we would stop at nothing to try to make him better. It was truly the most heartbreaking thing we have ever been through. Both our vet and the hospital cannot confirm that CYTOPOINT is the cause of all of this but i truly believe it was, especially after reading several stories. I do not recommend this shot to anyone and truly hope no one ever has to go through what we went through with our baby.

    I am interested to hear more similar stories, hopefully we can get this drug off the market and stop acting as the guinea pigs for this drug

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    Have a 12-13 year old male Jack Russell (adopted from SPCA so don't know his DOB) who gets seasonal itchy front paws in the fall and runs from early October to December. He's had this since he was a young dog. When he reached about 11 years old this seasonal condition was not going away with the usual 10 days of prednisone and at about age 9 we tried giving Apoquel for a year with mild success -- by age 11 the bad rash on his paws and the licking increased to a 6 month problem and even wearing the cone to stop the licking it would came back as soon as he was out of it.

    Opted to try the new CADI (Cytopoint) injection in June of 2017. That seemed to worked fairly quickly and he got another shot about every 4-6 weeks. For a year his paws looked great no rash no licking. I was very happy for him. By June of 2018 the rash was back again and raging. Its been an unusually damp summer so maybe that contributed to it? The day after his July CADI injection he seemed to be extra itchy and also lethargic, zero appetite.

    By late July the rash was so bad that vet had to treat him with an anitibiotic and Prednisone because his paws were so badly chewed. Oddly the steroid did not get rid of the itchy paws like it normally does. He was kept inside and in a cone for a week and the paws got better. Got his August CADI shot August 13. He seemed to start licking and itching his paws about 24 hours after the injection. 48 hours out he is lethargic and has no appetite.

    I will call his vet today to see what she thinks. It may be related to the CADI shot - I know it seems like it from the info I have given but I don';t want to jump to conclusions yet. He is 12-13 years old and it could be something else. I do not think I will opt to have him get the CADI injection anymore it isn't working. Even if this is not the reason he is lethargic today, he is still itchy which is the reason he was getting this medication.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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