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Cat Stories!

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    If a dog was attacking a cat, I would do whatever I could to save the kitty or make the bites/injuries less severe. I lived next door to an aggressive chihuahua many years ago, he was always running loose in the front of the owner's house, and whenever anyone tried to walk on the sidewalk, or when I got out of my car to go into my house, he would charge at me growling and bearing his teeth. The owner would always appear after the fact and say sorry. Luckily he never bit me, but the owner himself said the dog bit him numerous times.

    Now there's a Chihuahua mix across the street that gets loose once in awhile, and seems to be the same way. I've seen a couple over the years that were well socialized at the park, but I've also seen some in stores with people who tell others, don't pet him he might bite. Never trusted them just from what I've seen.

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    I was sitting in the puter room and Pook and Saav, when kittens, came up to me, climbing all over me ...I looked at them, petted them ... and BOOM!

    I wrote a book. That's what it took.

    Most of the book was written in a Toyota Tundra pickup truck in the middle of 4,000 acres at the 2006 HGTV Dream Home. I was doing security there on second shift and had a plug-in thingie that powered my laptop.

    I was so happy there at that job. I saw bears, deer, skunks, raccoons, and I just loved it even though I had to bring my own food in a cooler and had to use an outhouse.

    But when I came home, my Pook and Saav were here, helping me along.

    God bless you, Pook and Saav!

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    Lesson of the Tractor
    (The Other Side)

    We all run late every now and then; something will hold us up and prevent us from leaving on time, or something will happen en route to our destination to compromise our expected time of arrival. It happens; this is life. Life is, at best, unpredictable, and no matter how much we fight this unpredictability it wins on occasion; if for no other reason than to teach us a well-needed lesson.

    Today was my day for a lesson. It was a beastly hot day: 90º and 95% humidity...and here I am in a car with a black interior and no air conditioning. My compressor had konked out and we hadn’t fixed it yet, therefore I got to drive a sauna to work at 3:00 in the afternoon. The country roads I drive on are very winding and steep, so I don’t really get to drive over about 40mph; this means I don’t get a whole lot of breeze going on inside the car. Oh, well. I figure things could be a lot worse. At least I have a car that runs just fine otherwise.

    Plus, I had company today with me in the car. Buckled into their little harnesses and belted in were Pook and Saav. They had been bugging me to take them to work with me and --

    Pook: Bugging? Think again!
    Saav: Yeah, what's with the bugging stuff?
    Pook: More like you've been telling us forever you were going to take us to work one day, Mom. You just had to pick the hottest day of the year for it!

    Okay, anyway, I was taking Pook and Saav to work with me to see the site and play near the stream and enjoy the outdoors.

    Pook: Enjoy the outdoors? It's hot, there's bugs, in case you haven't noticed we're wearing fur, and I heard Daddy talking about snakes. Yuck!
    Saav: Stream? Waters! Oh boy!
    I look at my watch. 2:55pm. No problem. I’ll be at work 20 minutes early and everyone will be happy. I turn onto the little 2-lane mountain road and prepare for the long run down, then up again and up even more into the hills. I love this area, scary roads and all. I was raised here; I learned to drive here. No wonder I like flying a plane better. Straight road? What’s that?

    Pook: Arrrgggghh! Watch the trees!
    Saav: Forget the trees! There must be a 100-foot drop along here!
    Off I go into the woods, and not half a mile goes by when I come around a blind curve and there it is. The “something” that will compromise my expected time of arrival has appeared; a guy on a very slow-moving big farm tractor is right in front of me going 15 miles an hour.

    Pook: What kind of car is that?
    Saav: Dang, looks like it's missing some stuff. Like windows, and a roof and doors.
    I sigh in frustration. Traffic, mostly tourists, line up behind me, and the one behind me seems particularly impatient. I take a good look at him behind me: a huge white Chevrolet Suburban with Texas plates. He seems to think the slowdown has something to do with my tailpipes. I change his mind quickly with a double-tap on the brakes. He backs off. I sigh at the tractor again, and wish the guy there would turn off the road and let us by. There are plenty of places he could pull off to.

    Me: Grrrrrrr, can't he pull off the road for a minute and let us by?
    Pook: Where? There's no place to put whatever that is, it's huge.
    Saav: What is it, anyway? It smells funny.
    Me: It's a farm tractor. Dang, there's a nice driveway he can use! Right there!
    Pook: (Gasp) Oh noooo! Mom, those little flowers are too close to the gravel, the tires will kill them and tear up the gravel!
    Saav: What if we lived there, Mom? You wouldn't want a tractor messing up your gravel and killing your flowers. That is really inconsiderate!
    Pook: Besides, if he's on a farm tractor, he's a farmer and understands growing things. He won't do that to anyone's flowers. That's mean to want other people's things messed up, Mom. I can't believe you'd actually wish for that.

    I was shocked that what seemed like an insignificant comment could have such an impact.
    Me: Oh no! I don't wish bad things on people! I didn't realize it would tear up the gravel and kill the flowers. No, of course he can't go there. Bad idea.
    Pook: It certainly was.
    Saav: Good thing he doesn't think like you, Mom.

    I was a little embarrassed, but the lesson stuck. Suddenly my normal way of thinking had been called into question, and now I realized I needed to make some changes.
    Me: But it is soooo dang hot, really, he’s going just too slowly and I’m roasting back here.
    Pook: Oh? He’s not hot? Has he got a cool drink anywhere up there with him? Have you seen a water or soda bottle in his hand at all?
    Saav: And what about that sweat-stained t-shirt on his back? You think you’re hot? There isn’t even a roof or any shade over him on that thing. You have a roof and tinted windows...geez, Mom, you're so spoiled!
    Pook: I bet he’s been working in fields all day. What have you done? Load the dishes in the dishwasher, maybe a little straightening, taking it easy in air-conditioned comfort before leaving for work? What a whiner!

    Gaaahhhh....Pook and Saav were really giving me down the road by now, but I went with it. There had to be a reason for it. It was making so much sense!
    Me: Can’t he go just a little faster?
    Pook: And will the earth fall out of orbit if you’re a few minutes late for work? No? Then who cares? Look at how beautiful the trees are.
    Saav: No, he can’t go any faster. It’s an old tractor; besides, those things can be prone to rolling over, so Daddy says. You want him to get hurt? What kind of person are you, anyway?
    Me: No! I don't want him to get hurt! Yes, they are easy to turn over sometimes, but no, honey, I don't want anyone to get hurt. I'm not a bad least I hope I'm not. But there's those others behind us too, girls.
    Pook: Who are in better shape than you are right now, meaning they have air conditioning, and at least one is a tourist, and if they have issues about being in a hurry, they need to deal with it. You deal with yourself. What are you doing to make the world better?
    Saav: Better yet, what are you doing to make yourself a better person for the world?
    Me: Arrrggggh I don’t have the patience for this!
    Pook: Funny, your car does; it’s doing just fine. Thought human beings were superior to machines.
    Saav: Right. When was the last time you saw a washing machine play ice hockey?

    I couldn't even think of arguing with that. Too much was happening now, in my mind. Indeed, what kind of person am I? What am I doing to make the world better? What am I doing to better myself for the world? Washing machines playing ice hockey? Holy cow! Where do two cats get this stuff? Mental note: check history on computer when I get home.
    As we followed him down the mountain, other thoughts came along quickly.

    Me: I wonder how old he is.
    Pook: He’s got grey hair, thinning, so he’s older than you.
    Saav: Yeah, and how would you like to be out on that tractor in this heat at your age? Think he likes it?
    Me: No, I'm guessing he'd much rather be more comfortable. I wonder where he’s going.
    Pook: Hopefully home, where he can cool off and maybe take it easy. But he probably won’t. He’s probably one of so very many farmers who, after working on their own places, stop to help their friends and neighbors too before calling it a day.
    Saav: He probably has a lot to do before he gets to go home, bless his heart. It must be tough trying to feed the world. Talk about someone making the world better, well, there's one.
    Me: Yeah, he sure is. But I wish he’d take another road, really, if he could.
    Pook: You think these guys get out here on these tractors on purpose just to slow a few cars down? That’s stupid.
    Saav: Of course he would take another road if he could. He probably just came from another one and you didn’t see it. Stop assuming things, Mom; it’s unattractive.

    Me: He needs to be drinking some water. I don’t see anything there.
    Pook: Now you’re listening.
    Saav: It's about time!
    Me: I have some drinking water.
    Pook: Yes, you do.
    Saav: Go water a farmer.
    Me: He’s turning. So am I.
    Pook: Woooooo!
    Saav: Yeah!
    I grabbed two bottles of water (I always keep some in a cooler in the car) which aren’t exactly very cold, but it is fresh drinking water (store brand spring water) and get out of the car after honking and waving, getting him to stop. I run up to the tractor.
    Not a bottle or a can in sight. I handed him the bottles. “Too hot out here!” I smiled, holding the bottles out to him. “Here. They’re not exactly cold, but they’ll fix a dry throat.”
    “What? Oh...” he took the bottles. “Oh thank you ma’am! I thought you were going to cuss me.”
    “Cuss you? No! Just wanted to say thank you. You taught me a lesson today and I needed it.”
    “Oh...not me, ma’am, I don’t know you,” he said, looking puzzled.
    I laughed. “I know. But it was you as I followed you down [highway] 64. Thank you.”
    “Well, okay...but you are an angel,” he smiled, raising the bottle. “God will bless you for this.”
    I smiled as we shook hands. “Be safe, and God bless,” I said, and went back to the car.

    Pook: Would you be smiling inside like you are now if you hadn’t been stuck behind that tractor?
    Me: No, not at all.
    Saav: Welcome to the rest of your life.
    I love my cats!

    I was stuck behind a tractor and I did stop and give him water. That part is true.


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    Lets keep going with the cat stories! I don't want the thread to get forgotten!

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