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Nice Photo of Unusual Snake

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    Nice Photo of Unusual Snake

    I don't know what kind this is, maybe someone can let us know.

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    It looks like a python or a anaconda to me, but I could easily be wrong.

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    It's a Ball Python (or in UK they're called Royal Pythons). More specifically it's a blue-eyed leucistic ball python. Typically this species grows around 4ft long which is actually shorter than my corn snakes, but they're quite a chunky species. They're one of the smaller python species. They're called 'Ball' pythons because when they feel threatened they will roll up into a ball to protect themselves. In UK we call them Royals because their latin name is "Python regius" which translates to "Royal Python".

    Here's a picture of one in it's wild-type colours balled up

    Ball pythons exhibit an extremely varied range of colours and patterns, known in the reptile world as "Morphs". I'll show some of the morphs that can be seen in this species...





    I'd love to be able to photograph some Royals for myself but I don't actually know any other reptile owners personally lol.
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    Thanks Yeti and Cat001. Cat001, thank you for posting those pictures, the colors and patterns are very unusual! I've only seen where I live rattlesnakes, bull snakes and small garter/garden snakes.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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