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Animal Shelter Brainstorm - Does This Sound Correct?

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    Animal Shelter Brainstorm - Does This Sound Correct?

    Why are there, for all purposes, no animal shelters in the fictional location of Mangonia?

    First, what is an animal shelter?

    An animal shelter is ideally a go-between organization of people that cares for and rehabilitates homeless animals and eventually matches them with healthy, loving adopted homes.

    For this ideal model to succeed, there must be a supply of people interested in adopting a homeless animal, and those people must be able to provide a healthy, loving home.

    If the number of interested potential adopters does not meet the number of incoming homeless animals, the number of animals at the shelter will grow with no limit, assuming a "no-kill" policy at the shelter.

    In that case, the role of the shelter may become, in effect, a sanctuary for homeless animals, rather than a go-between bringing together homeless animals and adopters.

    I believe this is why the fictional location of Mangonia basically has no animal shelters.

    Probably for a variety of interrelated reasons- for example historical, cultural, psychological, and economic, there is a very limited supply of Mangonian people interested in adopting a homeless animal.

    Unless that supply increased, for some reasons or others, basically only animal sanctuaries could operate in Mangonia, not animal shelters.

    The steady number of incoming homeless animals in Mangonia would make a sanctuary grow very quickly, and it would quickly incur very high operating costs.

    This also explains why there are practically no homeless animal sanctuaries in the relatively poor location of Mangonia.

    Fundamentally, the only way to change the situation is to somehow increase the number of Mangonians interested in adopting a homeless animal and able to provide a good home.

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    It sounds correct and true to me DF, although a sad situation for many abandoned animals.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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