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Any one here have experience with ursodiol?

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    Any one here have experience with ursodiol?

    Hi everyone. I am just wondering if any of you have experience with ursodiol? Every time my dog gets her annual vaccination, i would ask her vet to do blood tests first-cbc, chem. Her alp was elevated so she took meds for a month and her vaccinations were put on hold. After a month, her alp lowered to 190 normal range is upto 150 but her sgpt and wbc were slightly elevated so she took cefalexin antibiotic and continued with her liver supplement. After a week, her wbc and sgpt were normal but her alp elevated to 392. This got me worried, but the vet said it only worries her if it reaches 1000. So aside from her liver supplement (essential phospholipids), the vet prescribed ursofalk. I am scared because this is my first experience with this medicine. My dog is 5.2 kg and she is supposed to take 50 mg a day. If anyone of you have experience with this drug, pls let me know. Thanks in advance.

    Btw, i live in the Philippines. That is why the medical practices here differ from other countries.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. I have no experience with it, but here is a page with some information and dosage advice.

    The usual dosage of ursodiol for dogs is 2.5 to 7 mg per pound of body weight given orally twice a day. It should be given with food, as this increases absorption. Ursodiol is available in 300 mg capsules and 250 mg tablets. Your veterinarian will give you instructions on proper dosage. They may wish to adjust the dosage based on your dog’s condition and individual response to the drug. The duration of the prescription can vary, but you should continue to administer the drug to your dog until your veterinarian instructs you to stop, as ending treatment early could result in relapse.

    Side Effects Of Ursodiol For Dogs

    The side effects of ursodiol in dogs are generally mild if they appear at all. The main ingredient in ursodiol naturally exists in dogs’ bile, so it is usually well-tolerated. There are, however, some side effects that may appear, and if these are cause for concern, you should contact your veterinarian, as they may wish to alter the dosage or seek an alternative form of treatment. Here are a few of the side effects of ursodiol in dogs.

    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Upset stomach
    • Diarrhea
    • Worsening of liver disease

    Good luck with your dog. SOURCE

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    Thank you. I checked again earlier with the vet and she assured me about it. I might start tomorrow with the med. I am really nervous but she also told me she uses it on mature dogs. She is going to check her alp again after a month.

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    Hi Mimi- Does your dog have any symptoms of being ill? This is purely my own opinion, but personally I would need a lot of convincing to get my dog to take a drug just because of a test reading. Annual checkups for healthy people are now discouraged by some authorities, because they easily turn into fishing expeditions- looking for trouble where there really is none. And the automatic flowchart mazes of actions dictated by test readings sometimes end up doing more harm than good, not least because they can cause worry and expense (to people) and trauma (to the animal) that are not necessary. There is also the matter of some drugs that successfully change a test reading, but don't prevent the illness suggested by the reading. I don't know anything about alp, but I would be very suspicious in the case of my own dogs. Medicine is supposed to serve animals (and people), not the other way around.

    "Oh look! I found an unusual reading on one my magic tests. I will now subject your dog to treatment after treatment until my magic tests show your dog is completely average."

    "Uh, no you won't."

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    Hi Dog Force One, i ask my vet to do blood tests before their annual vaccination just to be sure (i started when they turned 7). My vet informed me that if their values are not within the normal range, vaccinations can sometimes affect the dog. I am also scared to give medication especially meds i am not familiar with, but the vet assured me she has prescribed this to a lot of mature dogs. I started this morning and have been observing. She needs to take this for a month and get her alkaline phosphatase (ALP) rechecked.

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    Of course it's only your decision to make, Mimi. You need to do what you feel best. I would only add that the fox is very convincing at providing assurance that it knows how to run the hen-house.

    "Oh, believe me, I completely understand your concern, but no need to worry, I've managed many hen-houses like this one. Many, many."

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    I totally get where you are coming from Dog Force One, but my experiences took me in this direction.

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