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Itching and Fur Loss??

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    Itching and Fur Loss??

    Hi everyone, Iím hoping someone can help me out. My American Eskimo began scratching nonstop sometime in December, drawing blood and causing balding. I found out that someone had bought a box of Ol Roy treats for him which I thought might have been the cause. We stopped the treats and he began to grow some fur back but not all. Itís is now almost 5 months later and he stil has bald patches on his stomach and butt. The vet said properly testing would cost about $1500 and instead prescribe some shampoo and antibiotics which didnít seem to have any effect.

    Nothing else has changed- everything in his current diet he has eaten before without issue and we havenít introduced anything new (rugs, plants) into the house which might trigger allergies. Has anyone encountered anything like this before?

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    Is he still scratching? If not don't worry the fur may grow back eventually.

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    get a bottle of colloidal silver, mix it half and half with water, put in a spray bottle and spray his body two or three times a day. Silver is a natural antibiotic and will kill any bacteria or yeast on him. And give him a protiotic daily, he should be taking one anyway but most important if he's on antibiotics. Antibiotics will kill the good bacteria in his intestines to keep him healthy, the probiotic will put it back
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    What allergy test would cost $1500? I paid less than $200 for a blood test to find out what my cat was allergic to. Now the cost of treating it is another story if the problem is allergies.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    My dog was scratching and itching a lot some time ago, he's been back to normal for a long time now. I did buy some of this for him, but also did some other things that may have helped, so not sure the Dinovite was what stopped it itch.

    Before I got the Dinovite, I was giving him a Krill Oil softgel daily, omega 3 fish oils and coconut oil are good for the skin, coconut oil can be given internally or applied to the skin, but it's oily and may stain furniture until it soaks in. The hot spots can be treated with the cortisone spray and application of extra virgin coconut oil.

    Cheap food and treats are the worst for our pets, Ol'Roy is at the bottom of that list, I know, decades ago I used to buy it before I started reading labels and got smarter. What food are you feeding now, dry or canned, what treats are you using? Food with a lot of cheap grains and ingredients are hard for the dog to digest and they have no value to the health of the dog.

    I would give a bath with a gentle shampoo and conditioner to Zymox is the brand I chose, bought it from Petco, still using that shampoo and conditioner for him. You can also buy cortisone spray for itching to use on particular spots, I have Essential Pet brand.

    Have do examined closely for fleas, flea 'dirt'/droppings on your dog. Have you used a flea comb and put the dog on a white sheet to see if there is any tiny black dots, if they change a reddish color when wet, then that's the dog's blood, and it is fleas.

    Sometimes a dog's system can be overrun with yeast too, the Dinovite will help that, but you should also give a probiotic to help control yeast, there are probiotic supplements for pets and people, or you can use plain unsweetened yogurt if he likes it.

    Do you use fragranced carpet cleaners, detergents, etc? That might also cause itching and allergies.

    American Eskimos have very thick coats, and they really do need brushing and combing frequently to assure no dirt is at the skin line causing irritation. I brush out my dog every day not and run a wide tooth comb through to assure he has no knots or mats. He doesn't have any itching problems anymore.

    Virgin coconut oil is good to give the dog daily in his food or separately. It lubricates the skin from the inside, and can be rubbed on bald spots externally, but it is oily and may stain carpet or furniture unless you let it soak in and dry. With the food changes, coconut oil daily, frequent brushings, etc. you should see some big improvement.

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    Welcome! I'm sorry I can not help.

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    try changing your pups diet. your pup may be allergic to some of the ingredients in the food. either that or i believe itll be better if you bring your pup to the vet and let the vet have a look at it. we can only give advice based on our own point of view and it'll be better if you let the vet have a thorough examination in case we misdiagnose a larger issue

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    Hi, what about mange? Susceptibility to mange is very common, my guess is much more common than allergies. No amount of antibiotics, general shampoos/creams, or dangerous quackery products will fix mange, but it is relatively simple and inexpensive to fix/prevent with the standard treatment ivermectin.
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    sorry to hear about that man. hope he gets better soon

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