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Introducing Hyper Dog to Kitten

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    Introducing Hyper Dog to Kitten

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have a 3 year old Australian Shepherd, well I have two but one is 9 and he completely advoids the kittens. My 3 year old dog is actually well trained but he is just hyper and playful. So far we have let him smell the carrier they came in(without them in it)and let him sniff at the door (we have gave the kittens a safe room) , and waiting a day or two brought them down in the carrier he sniffs around but excited. After we did that a few times I then carried them in my hands , made him sit and I kneeled down to let him sniff face to face . No hissing or growling , just a lot of curiously with the dog. I have rewarded him with treats when he sniffs gently or focuses away from the kittens. I have let the kittens roam with him on leash he will sit there but you can tell heís excited and wants to play. I take the pup on a long walk to tire him out but heís still really curious and Iím not sure I feel comfortable with letting the kittens roam with him off leash. Just I keep doing what I am doing. Itís been one week. Any suggestions

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    It takes time and patience for everyone to get along so hang in there. It's helpful that you're using positive reinforcement also.

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    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting. What are the names of your pets?

    If you have only had the kittens a few days, they need more time to adjust to living with an active dog. Paws-ititve reinforcement is necessary every time they get together and don't fight.
    Keep your cats inside and safe.

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