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Chronic nose mucus after surgery. Antibiotics not working.

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    Chronic nose mucus after surgery. Antibiotics not working.

    My 6yo toy poodle swallowed and bone last November. The bone was lodged in her esophagus and had to get it extracted through her mouth. After the surgery she had a nose/throat infection and had yellow/green mucus discharge from her nose. The vet prescribed antibiotics. That worked for a few days to stop the mucus and it came back again soon after. The vet then prescribed another antibiotic and that worked for a few days and then the mucus discharge came back again. The vet then had her on antibiotic IV overnight and same result. We then took her to a specialist and had a panel of tests done on her nose discharge and came back with a list of antibiotics that had an effect. Also found in the tests was that there was no fungal infection. The vet prescribed several of the antibiotics on the list and those worked for a few days and then the mucus came back again. Nothing seems to be working. What she has does not look to be infectious as our other poodle hasn't contracted it. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

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    I would suggest you get a bottle of colloidal silver and put two drops in each nostril daily, if there is any infection in the nose this will take care of it. Make sure you use colloidal silver and not ionic silver.
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