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really odd question, maybe a bit graphic if youre sensitive to kinda gross things

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    really odd question, maybe a bit graphic if youre sensitive to kinda gross things

    hey, so i think my cat might have some parasite or worms or something because it licks bald spots on its tummy, (not 100% sure, taking him to the vet soon, but on to the rest of my concerns) anyways besides the point. I was getting dressed earlier and I didnt have any pants or boxers on, i sat on my bed to put some socks on and i didnt see that there was a nasty hair ball on my bed that my cat coughed up earlier. Well I sat "directly" onto it, if you know what i mean... and i didnt realize until after i stood up what I had done. I quickly went to the bathroom and washed off that area with soap. anyways, my question is, if my cat by some chance has roundworm, can humans get worms from cats hairballs that come in contact with a human's the rear end? or is it only from eggs that were in feces that somehow get eaten orally?

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    its probably not worms, sounds more like stress. Wouldn't hurt to have him checked for worms but it probably isn't that, round worms look like spaghetti and you'd see that in the poop, tape worms look like a grain of rice. So its a pretty safe bet if you didn't see either of that there is no worms and you have to have more contact with it if it was for it to infect you.
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    What did you see in addition to the hairball after standing up?
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