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My cat's right limbs are swollen

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    My cat's right limbs are swollen

    I noticed this yesterday and he doesn't seem to be in pain, I don't know if he was stung because on his right hind legs he seems to be missing a piece of claw and it doesn't look like it just fell off, I think he lost it from a cat fight because we had jst moved to a different home last late year and there are numbers of cats near our new place and he gets into heat with the other cats here a lot because there were barely any cats in our previous place so maybe he isn't just used seeing a lot of cats.

    Pics (apologies for the dusty washing machine lol)

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    Wow, that's weird. Sorry, I don't know anything about this symptom, but the fact that it is happening systematically on one side of his body would send me to the vet sooner rather than later. With this sort of symmetry I would be worried that it's some internal problem showing an effect externally, like a person who had a stroke and one side of their body is affected but not the other. (Psst- That's your cat's left side, not right.) And don't worry, my washing machine is messier than yours. Hopefully someone else here is familiar with this sort of symptom.

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    I would consult a vet about this and keep an eye on it. If I were you I would keep him inside because being outdoors is dangerous as you've just experienced with this incident. He's not neutered? That should be a priority because if he's not fixed he'll impregnate female cats and then you'll have contributed to pet overpopulation.

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    I agree with Esme. With other cats roaming around your apartment, his chances of siring kittens will skyrocket if he is not neutered and inside 24/7. Also, if the problem started after he had spent time outside, chances are it could not happen to an indoor-only cat.

    Only a vet can explain why both left paws are swollen. (His leg is fine in that picture.) If you hesitate to schedule an appointment, more symptoms can develop.
    Keep your cats inside and safe.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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