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Kitten biting issues

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    Kitten biting issues

    Hey everyone,

    As some of you may know from my previous posts, I have recently adopted a kitten. He is now 11 weeks old and a sweetheart for most of the time. However, we have a rather big biting problem.

    We took him when he was only 7 weeks old because the owners were really eager to get rid of the kittens asap and his litter mates were already gone. Our vet thinks this may be the issue why he didn't learn to control his bite. He starts off with a bit of gentle nibbling and then works himself up into a frenzy where no matter what you do he will charge at your arm or leg to try and bite you. And he bites pretty hard. I did extensive research and tried everything I saw online: distracting him with toys, making sounds as if I'm in pain, stop playing with him and walk away, time out. They all work for a bit but don't help with stopping him from repeating it in the future.

    The thing that works best is a bottle with water that I spritz him with. But I have to carry the bottle with me at all times and even then he tries to find ways of attacking. For him it's just a game and that's just one extra challenge.

    Other than that he is not agressive at all. Doesn't hiss at us, nor does he hide or run away. He purrs a lot and likes to be carried around in our arms or sleep next to us. We even joke about how crazy brave he is. Not even afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

    Getting another cat is unfortunately not possible at the moment.. And I'm afraid that if I don't correct this behaviour now, he will grow up into an agressive cat that bites me every time I try to pet him. Help!!

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    My cat also was a biter when she wanted to play. He thinks it is a game. If you move, a kitten will think you are a toy. Have you tried dragging a string? He also needs a chew toy.

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    my female bengal kitten would bite but everytime she bit I'd bop her on the nose and say "NO BITE", didn't take her long to figure out if she bit she'd get a bop on the nose, she doesn't bite anymore, if she gets that look like she's getting ready to bite I just say, no bite and she stops and we continue to play. She still plays rough with the other two but doesn't bite us
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    @CatMom1994 I play with him a lot and he has an insane amount of toys including a toy mouse and catnip flavoured bubble solution. But nothing is quite so appealing as human hands and feet.

    @linda2147 I also manage to stop him when he tries but he doesn't seem to get the message that he isn't supposed to do that. So every time I walk around or do something else he charges at me and starts biting my foot. I think boping his nose and even spritzing him with water doesn't really bother him enough to make him stop. The temptation of chewing on our limbs is too strong. Sometimes I have the water bottle in my hand and he looks at it and I can literally see him think about it and then he is like "Eh screw this" and charges at my hand, but closes his eyes to not get water in them..

    He is a very clever boy.. and this is my demise

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    at 11 weeks old he's still a baby, he will outgrow biting you eventually, maybe. As far as chasing your feet no, if it moves he will chase. Especially in bed, if he gets in your bed and you move your feet he'll be compelled to chase the "toe mice"!
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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