I've seen this at the counter of the pet store I buy my dog and cat food in. CBD oil is made from cannabis, but does not get you high like marijuana. It's legal in all 50 states and has helped people with pain also. It's expensive, but safer than using pain meds or steroids for those who can afford it. More about it here.

  • To develop evidence-based science for the use of CBD in pets, veterinary researchers at Colorado State University are conducting clinical trials of CBD oil to treat both osteoarthritis and epilepsy in dogs
  • Researchers at Cornell have also just completed a study of CBD oil in the treatment of canine arthritis, and their results support anecdotal reports of CBD oilís benefits to decrease pain and increase mobility
  • A current study of CBD oil in cats is underway at Cornell, and there are future plans to study its use in pain management and behavior applications
  • Pet owners report success using CBD oil for anxiety and behavior disorders in dogs, as well as seizure disorders and pain management
  • On the legal front, industrial hemp is no longer considered a controlled substance as long as the level of THC is under 0.3 percent, and recent research indicates that CBD oil manufactured and distributed for veterinary use is not illegal on either a federal or state level