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Which hand?

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    Here is a cool trick you can teach your dog, all it takes is five steps!

    1. Get a hand full of treats

    2. Have your dog sit in front of you

    3. Get one of the treats, put your hands behind your back and put the treat in one of your hands (Be sure your dog can't see this)

    4. Take your hands out from behind your back (still closed) and say "which hand"

    5. If you dog sniffs or swats at the hand the treat is in, give it to him/her (you can teach him/her the other hand too with a different word)

    Do this multiple times until your dogs gets it right every time! Now you can show your friends/family a cool new trick!

    Good luck training!
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    Sounds like a good trick Yeti? Do you have to let your dog smell one of the treats first, so he's knows what he's looking for?

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    Yes, but just make sure that he does not know which hand the treat is in.
    ​Chicken lover!

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