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Frontline and Revolution?

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    Frontline and Revolution?

    I use Frontline on my cats for flea and tick preventative. I brought the kitten to the vet today and they gave me heartworm treatment as a preventative since he lived outside before we got him. I didn't realize until I got home that the heart worm treatment wasn't the edible kind that I've used in the past. It's called Revolution and looks very similar to Frontline. It also protects against fleas and ticks and is a topical medication. Should I not be giving both of these medications to my cat? I will call the vet tomorrow to clarify, but I'd appreciate any insight someone may have.

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    I would not use both together, frontline is for fleas and ticks, revolution doesn't kill ticks but it does kill intestinal worms and fleas and mites. I use frontline for the dog and revolution for the cats
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    I never heard of heartworm treatment that wasn't edibles or injection. I'd be really careful too about using too many things at once on a kitten.

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    Linda is right. If the vet said to use Frontline and Revolution at the same time, it's time to find a new vet.

    Personally I think Revolution sucks. What use is a spot-on treatment that doesn't control ticks? I never had ticks for years with Frontline. When I tried Revolution, the house suddenly burst out in baby ticks all over. Useless!

    Use Frontline Plus to control fleas and ticks. Use HeartGard edible to control heartworm*. Use a dewormer tablet only occasionally and only if you really think there are worms.

    Throw out the Revolution. Do NOT use it overlapping with Frontline.

    *Personally I do not use HeartGard but instead take the dogs for a monthly Ivermectin injection at the vet. Ivermectin controls heartworm more reliably than edible forms, and it also prevents mange from taking hold. It also prevents ear mites, which can be a problem here. But I understand that in other countries just stepping into the vet's office is expensive, so using HeartGard at home makes more sense for many people.

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    An online pet pharmacy (I forget which one) says Revolution can only be obtained with a prescription after a heartworm test. Amazon on the other paw says no such thing and lets you buy it. Why is this?
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